Forcing Object Manager to maintain Unique Names



By default, when you create a Cube and there is an existing Cube, the new object will be named

If you rename it to “Cube”, the Object Manager will still accept it despite the fact that there is already an object named “Cube”.
Basically, I want a unique name on all my hierarchy. Forcing the object manager to not accept a duplicate name acts as an error correction mechanism.

Thank you for your time.


To the best of my knowledge, there’s no built-in way to accomplish this. Perhaps someone else can offer a script or plugin.


Thanks for the confirmation Keith. Hopefully, some one else can shed light on the matter.


Unlike Maya, Cinema doesn’t really have any problem with non-unique names because all obect have unique internal IDs.
And due to the way the Python SDK is compared to Maya’s Python CMDS (It’s much more like PyMel, where you have direct links to the objects instead of string references) , scripts aren’t usually structured around name searching either.
I’m afraid I don’t know of any way to do force it to.