Force Deleting Recently Rendered MP4


I quickly render a playblast as an MP4 for my supervisor to review, but then notice that there’s a sneaky bit of UI still in the viewport (Axis handles, deformers, camera, lights, etc) that distract from the overall picture. I quickly disable those, and hit render again, only to find that it won’t overwrite the older file. I try to delete it manually, in the Windows Explorer, but it won’t because the file is still open in Cinema. I really don’t want to increment my version number because of something so silly, but I also don’t want to quit my Cinema session just to delete the file. Sometimes I’ll actually go ahead and shut down the program because I’m stubborn, but then have to wait another 30 seconds before it’ll let me delete the file.

Is there anyway to force the deletion of the file?


A couple of suggestions depending on exactly how you’re doing this:

In the Picture Viewer, right-click the file/folder and remove file and/or images so that Cinema 4D isn’t holding onto the file/s anymore.

If that doesn’t work, you can use a brute force method using a file unlocker program.

Two examples are a Portable version if you aren’t allowed to install programs:

An install version from IOBit direct (Note: Untick add IOBit to My Bookmarks during install):

Both these programs work in the same basic way in that they can delete locked files with error messages including “cannot delete file,” and “access is denied.”

Hope this helps.


I experience this all the time with files, folders and certainly Mp4’s created by C4D.
It’s a simple case of them being somehow, still in memory; If the picture viewer holding it open in memory.

Simply save a file_v2 and move on with your day.
You can delete the original when you’re done with C4D for the day.


@Drew-Kerr - Thanks! I’ll take a look that those.

@ThePriest - Yeah, the “move on with my day” approach is what I do with 95% of my bugs, and will continue to do for this one most likely until I get so uber-frustrated that I install one of those utilities.

FWIW - Today I can export/overwrite MP4s without issue…¯_(ツ)_/¯