For those who can't see the stream


The files are rather large but if you live on the other side of the world this might be helpful…


awesome! missed a few of those presentations. thanks for the link.


if you live on the other side of the world this might be helpful…

Yeah, like in Macland.

Before I thank you, do you still need WMP9, or will 7 work?


thank you very much.

I hope you save the streams from today too.:wink: thanks


Hey thanx for posting those files really appreciate it but it looks like mac usuers will only get to here the demos can some one out there in PC land please save these down to wmv 7 or divx or QT


Mine are down at the moment so I can capture todays stuff. Triple G has mirrored most of them and hopefully someone else will hop on and mirror too.


The vids in Jessica’s link still require WMP9, so no joy for Mac users. Follow the link that GruvSyco posted, and you’ll find versions that have been encoded with MPEG-4…they have been tested with QT6 on OSX and everything plays fine. The audio/video synch wanders, but hey…at least you can see what everyone’s been talking about. And please…if there’s anyone out there who can mirror these files…please drop either myself or GruvSyco a line…you guys are absolutely hammering our bandwidth! (Not that I mind all that much, but it would be nice to be able to browse the forums without having to wait a couple of minutes for each page to load…) :smiley:


i have to thanks, iahving a slow moden (and sharing with brothers ) some times can be pretty anoing things, i hope to see more of this, i realy like it!

one againg thanks


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