For those people who dont like Art !


I was reading a treatise on painting by Leonardo Da Vinci (Great Book) in this book he records all his knowledge about learning of painting. I recomend this book to everybody its really great book. His actual words are recorded in this book. Inspirational book.

In it he says:

" He who despises painting loves neither philosophy nor nature"

If you scorn painting, which is the sole imitator of all the manifest works of nature, you will certinaly be scorning a subtle invention, which with philosophical and subtle speculation considers all manner of forms: sea, land, trees, animals, grasses, flowers, all of which are enveloped in light and shade. Truly this is science, the legitimate daughter of nature, because painting is born of that nature; because all visible things have been brought forth by nature and it is among these that painting is born.

                                                                                 Leonardo Da Vinci  

Just some inspiring thought :slight_smile:


Leonardo is the man!

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Interesting topic, thanks for posting :smiley:


I’m sure there aren’t too many people who don’t like art on this forum… but I liked that quote (I think I have the book you refer to, ‘The art of painting’ by Leonardo? Is that the one you refer to?


This book is so great. The name of the book " Leonardo on Painting " Edited by Martin Kemp , Selected and translated by Martin Kemp and Margaret Walker.

GET THIS BOOK ! ! ! Its an AWSOME BOOK :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

The book known as Leonardo’s Treatise on Painting, first published in 1651, compromises a compilation of quotations, described by one translator as a ‘chaos of inteligence.’


While parts of Leonardo’s writings have been published, it wasn’t untill the 19th century that some people actually collected all of the works and published them in the notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci.

Some dedicated folks at project Gutenberg created a digital copy. Its wonderful to read and the excerpts you mention FreshFish801, are in there in the section “The Treatise on Painting”

Personally I find the fables and jests section one of my favourite parts.

The only thing you miss from the Project Gutenberg edition is well, the wonderful pictures accompanied in the ‘real’ books.

[EDIT] I did a search on the notebooks and I found they have re-published the notebooks! (I tried to find them a few years ago without much luck) It’s on amazon ofcourse,


Yup, that’s the one I have. Quite a little gem.


Leonardo also thought that sculpting was inferior to painting. This might have something to do with his rival Michelangelo. Another good read would be “A Season Of Giants” by Vicenzo Labella and John McWilliams.


I’m currently reading ‘Renaissance Rivals’. It’s about the rivalry between the leading artists of the renaissance and is a fun read.


You guys might also want to read the two classics “The Agony and the Ecstasy” by Irving Stone, a biography of Michelangelo which is both informative and a thoroughly good read, and “The Lives of the artists” by Georgio Vasari (again very informative and an excellent read, though slightly more dry). Michelangelo seemed to rather think of Leonardo as a stuck up ponce surrounded by “yes men”, those two never really saw eye to eye hehe.


in my eyes,thats sounds like gibberish,lol.

did i just say in my EYES that SOUNDS like gibberish?

anywho…all he had to say was, hey people,if u wanna be a great artist,be very observant

but no… he had to right a novel :thumbsup:

haha…sorry,NOOB! ruins yet another topic :smiley:


A little more refinement NOOB!, just a little…do u have to act with such immaturity, being a person with your level of education…


Leonard’s notebooks were referred to as “a chaos of intellengence.” I attended a show of 16th century art while I was attending school in Chicago. The drawings they have on exhibit are a true marvel to behold. It looks like it was drawn yesterday, especailly the delicate use of line and tone on some of Michelangelo’s and Raphael’s drawings…stuff of legends.


Thats a little harsh what you said about Leonardo you just insulted “The Great Masters” of the known world. That is a very BIG insult. The masters have painted masterpices 600 years ago, 600 years ago they produced paintings that will stay forever, their names will never be forgotten or their works. What that means they are immortal. We need to respect them not bash them ! ! !

very foolish of you :shrug:


lol,not meant to offend,thats just my way.

i just think people are looking into things too much,its great to be inspired,but when it comes to the point where ur defending sumone over a joke i might add,hehe it becomes a lil worrying.

yes it was foolish,but agen,thats my way,heh,i joke about things,taking art too seriously will DESTROY US ALL!!

i’m not bashing,i luv all art.i just don’t wanna have to take my dictionary out everytime i wanna be inspired.joke

i’m more on the surrealist dali side of classic art,which probably explains my attitude.


dali is my master!!! lol

runs away from angry NOOB! killas

seriously guys,don’t hurt me.i’m too young to die.and i’m just trying to lighten things up,

cha0t1c1 : hey,yeh i have quite a bit of knowledge in art,but i wudn’t define my attitude as immature i just open my eyes to reality,as i sed earlier ,reading into things too much will just drift u into sumthin else that isn’t art,more pyschotic.

example: i did i painting sum time back for an art show,a lady,artist aswell,sed to me…wow i luv those trees and clouds,they have such ambience,does this represent ur fear?

as much as i appreciate her liking my art…they where nothing but trees and clouds,heh…nothing u see my point about reading into things too much?

obviously this was a top class place,so i replied yes,its my fear…uh huh…mumble mumble but u get my point.

i guess to sum in up look at me writing a novel now i’m justing saying,don’t looking into it too much.

much respect to all u guys in this thread.



give some RESPECT MAN ! ! !

Thats all dude, :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:


:twisted: :thumbsup:

lol,i respect whats his name just fine.:smiley:


Id say i agree with that… it is annoying when ANYTHING is read into too much… literature gets torn apart word by word, until any meaning as a whole which it had, is destroyed… i remeber studying literature (compulsary) and every poem in the anthology would have notes beside each line, on what it meant or represented… i tell you, it ruined half the poems in there for me, as i was sick of them by the end, as id looked to deep into it

same goes with films, some people cant help it (id say its a disorder) to fine tooth comb a film for its mistakes, then boast about it… totally ruining the film for themselves, rather than just taking it for what it is

anyway, im going way off point here, but its all pretty similar, in any for of ‘art’ (image,sound,motion picture,literature,etc) try to interpret too much can kill something off

Damn, must pull away from cgtalk for just a while to write this essay on ‘The Portrayal of Society in Art’… so i will have to put my ‘i interpret this n that’ hat on now, totally going agaist everything i just said… how ironic !:wise:


For those who dont like art, are actualy sad peoples.

Sad peoples = No love
No love = No emotion
No emotion = Depression
Depression = Suicide


so in the grand scheme of things, those who dont like art, will commit suicide… :eek:

though i doubt there is anyone who does not like any ‘art’… art comes in so many forms, even the ‘art art’