FOR REAL: Military readies directed-energy weapons


Ill be the first one to stand in line for my very own phaser…

"A few months from now, Peter Anthony Schlesinger hopes to zap a laser beam at a couple of chickens or other animals in a cage a few dozen yards away.
If all goes as planned, the chickens will be frozen in mid-cluck, their leg and wing muscles paralyzed by an electrical charge created by the beam, even as their heart and lungs function normally.

Among those most interested in the outcome will be officials at the Pentagon, who helped fund Schlesinger’s work and are looking at this type of device to do a lot more than just zap a chicken.

Devices like these, known as directed-energy weapons, could be used to fight wars in coming years.

“When you can do things at the speed of light, all sorts of new capabilities are there,” said Delores Etter, a former undersecretary of defense for science and technology and an advocate of directed-energy weapons."


codename: Zap-a-Chick



Aside from the fact that i hate hearing anything about a new kind of technology used for militaristic purposes, if this weapon is going to zero any collateral losses of innocent civilians, then it might be good news.


I smell a plot for Chicken Run 2.


hmm no collateral damge.
The common joe thinking hey, since it wont cost lives why not energy nuke EVERYONE who dosnt like us.
Not Good.
Many good opprotunities for good use, many opportunity for misuse and abuse.

I’ll keep an eye on on this one.


oo i want one of those


Whatever happened to the “pain beam?” For those who don’t know, it is (was?) a laser that makes the molecules in your skin vibrate (or something like that) so fast that it feels like you’re being burned. It was in Popular Science a while ago.


It’s mentioned in the article


It will be interesting if these things ever hit the streets and get into the hands of criminals. We’ll need Batman more than ever.


you can just see some kids getting hold of these and shooting them from the crossovers at passing cars. totally untraceable. they’d walk away after their “show” free and clear. it’s good in some ways… very very bad in others.


Ahh! But what will the side effects be after the preliminary tests are done? One can only speculate…



If it can’t fry an egg then it’s useless. There’s a chicken joke in there somewhere.


Hmm…sounds interesting, my only concern would be cancer, radiation both causes and helps cure cancer, and using heated energy, or plasma, or whatever, could have long-term unknown effects. While i think the idea is sound, i would like to see the technology have an extended testing period so we don’t find out 5 years from now after using it on 10,000 (or a million) angry people that we just gave them all cancer.


Ah cool, nice to see that we are finally moving into the 21st century, we were sposed have lazer guns and flying cars by this time right?


thats kinda neat. I liked the one that made the water in your skin feel like it was on fire, but do no damage. that was a fun non leathal good time right there


Why they tested on chicken? Developer’s phobia?


Mr Freeze quotes anyone?


if that kind of weapon ever hit the streets, we’re gonna need somekind of armor to circulate in certain cities…everyone can blast a stun ray in your back and steal you…

oh look, this one is looking wealthy…Zap!

your kids are out of control? Zap!

your brother is a pain in the ass? Zap!

it’s scary:sad:


I think the chickens will be very interested in the outcome too!

Very interesting. It certainly has a lot of good applications as they say, like frying bombs and vehicles and missiles. It would just be so nice if there was away to stop misuse. Maybe they should require your fingerprint identification in order to work or something, but then I suppose you could ‘hot-wire’ it somehow.

I’d also like to say thankyou to Roberto for finding and sharing such great articles!!



Oh well, I for one find this news quite disturbing …

Have you ppl read that “voluntary/involuntary” muscles tuning?
THAT is a scary thought.

Also the microwave approach gives me the creeps too. They say it goes away after stoping the exposition to the beam … but how long can the exposition be till it starts “boiling” ?

Sheesh, chicken of the world, unite!