"FOR HIRE" - 1 minute Action Sequence


Okay, so the name is misleading. I am not looking for work… the short is actually called “For Hire”. If you can accept that, then read on:

FOR HIRE is about a group of freelance warriors in a steampunk inspired alternate reality where “the haves” use their technology to keep “the have nots” out of their cities. They do this by using a variety of unmanned Drones; which range from drone fighter planes, stationary guns, or anti-personnel Infantry.

Fortunately for “the have nots” that live in the wasteland bordertowns there are the freelancers for hire to keep them safe. But a war is brewing on the horizon and the freelancers are going to have to get involved.

Currently I have shot three, 1 minute live-action sequences; the first of these three is actively in the post process of animation and compositing.

The other two action sequences have been edited and are ready for all post visual fx work.

Models and skins of all CG Drones have been completed and are ready for animation and compositing into the shots.

Elements for muzzle flashes and bullet hits have been collected and are ready to be composited into shots.

This varies per sequence, but the short of it is that I need animators and compositors. If you can do both, then so much the better.

I have shots that cover all levels of skill, so if you are interested then I have a shot for you.

This is simply a personal project. When completed I’ll enter it into some festivals and show it to as many people as possible. Which means your work will be shown to as many people as possible and will play in as many festivals as except FOR HIRE.

If you are interested in being involved, please email me: filofilmvfx@gmail.com

For additional reference, I’ll be posting some stills of the live-action footage AND images of the modeled CG Drones in this thread.


Welcome to the collabs.

Looking forward to seeing your stills…sounds like something that could look pretty cool.



As promised, below are pics of the Drones:

Stationary Gun Drone

Drone Fighter Jet

Machine Gun Anti-personnel Drone

Again, these have all been modeled, rigged, textured and ready to go.

More pics to come.


looking good, show us more stuff.


i’ve sent you a email!



Wow! love the quality of your props and locations- the still shots look great. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


hey, looks great for sure. loved the props. they look too clean though, it would look even more real and cool if they showed wear, scratches, but I´m sure you know that.



Damn, those look nice!


BRAZZ, I agree, the props could look more worn. I actually had them designed to look worn but I think more was needed for it to show up properly on film.

SOFTDISTORTION and RAFAMATHARD, thanks! I’m glad you’re liking what you see so far.


hello guys.

I´m helping out with animation/rigging for the short.

Here´s a little test I did with the MG Drone. All re-do the rig now, so it makes life even easier to animate.



Awesome work Brazz!


softdistortion: thanks man.


Hey Bruno,

Just posted a few clips for you to work with. They are in your DROPBOX.


thanks, will check them all in a bit.


hello. Turret Drone Rig done.

here´s an animation test with it.



lovin it!..WE WANT MORE!!! :applause:


Nicely done, Bruno!!


thanks guys, more stuff coming soon. I´m very excited about getting them into the film plate.

it´s my first time adding 3d into live footage, so it´s a nice and fun challenge.


Hello to all,

I’m currently working on FX for the current FX Wars here, but after I’m done with that I am interested in doing FX work for this project if there is a need

my website is www.delta3d.com