For beginners or anyone interested..


I’m here to offer dedicated and motivated beginners a method to provide their, what will be talents, into something productive. The idea is that a group of beginners from a variety of computer areas:

programming: c++, java, php, actionscript
design: art, photostop, character modelling/animation, map making
concept design: concept art and design, etc
sound editing: music, voices, effects, etc

come together to hone their skills. A group that becomes close knit and comfortable with sharing tips and helping each other and inevitably can use their skills developed to produce something of production quality.

I myself am a beginner, dabbled a little in programming, but mainly 3d design.

The only requirement I’m looking for is that each person has at least completed 1 tutorial in their area of choice. However, this isnt limited to beginners; intermediate and advanced users are welcome.
The creation timeline is looking at, 1-3 months to gather the respective people. 2+ people per area so that they can help each other learn. 1-3 months for gathering ideas, deciding on what to design (game, web site, media). The rest will determine on how quickly each person is proceeding in their education.

If I do get enough support here, enough people interested, I will be creating either a channel on IRC, or a forum, (and of course Instant Messengers) so that we can communicate as a group.

For the meantime, please email if you’re interested.

NOTE: This is a non-profit project. It is designed to be a method for beginners to work together and help each other out and begin working in somewhat of a production system.


I would be interested in something like you described. I’m looking into HL2 and XSi as a potental for some future work I’m thinking about. I certainly would consider myself a beginner! but a quick learner. Most of my experience comes from hard CAD programs as opposed to ‘soft’ or polygon modeling. You can contact me at if you think I meet the bill.



Hmm, sounds interesting. Im always wanted to make a mod, but right now I dont know C++ or XSI. Plan to learn XSI this summer though (starts in one week). Last summer I managed to get 1/2 way through a LightWave book, so I should pick up XSI real quick.

I am currently studying for a Backelor of Design at Sherican College, so depending on the project chosen, I might be of help. I know PHP, ASP, mySQL, JavaScript. Basically anything you need to do a website. I am a quick learner though :buttrock:

You can contact me at



hm… i am intrested… i am not beginer but i have always been intrested :slight_smile:
see your mail… inbox


see your inbox :))


i’m definatley a beginner…and i’m interested…so look in your inbox


Well i’m Not a beginner, i’m a 3dsMax artist … i’d love to share such a great experience with u guys.
i’ll let u know more about me later cuz i wanna go to pray right now… hope u love my unfinished site"only one link working
http\\elmaistro :buttrock:


i’m up for a bit of team work, count me in.

I’m not exactly a beginner but i ain’t no pro…but i am up for a group for learning and a bit of fun


Check your Inbox in just a moment :slight_smile:


Well … when will be off & flying??
i wanna start Noowwwww … thats a cooool idea guys … i told u … & my partener will join with me also … he’s a 3dsmax Modeler :scream: :bounce:


I am a beginner. I am interested in the Programming= C++ area. I know actually the basics, not much, of C++ and I am really looking forward to join this team and learn with someone else C++ really well. I will email you in just a moment. Thanks for the idea!


I’m not a pro and still learning…but want to join as modeller.
I use 3ds max…
Mail sent


THis sounds pretty cool, I like the idea.
I’m not a pro, and i’ve never done any low poly modeling or animation, but I did some high poly modeling

I’m willing to help, if I have time, in the modeling or something else, and if it matters I use Cinema4D.


i join im just past a biginner i model or texture i use max


Hey Guys,

Hows things, I have been out of the loop for a while but i was wondering if someone could send me the URL to the Project X homepage.
I had a few other peices of work on but i hope to have some free time now to help out with this if it is still up and running



but am in some others… anyways, I’m interested…


i’am a beginer but i have go trough some tutorials i’am not a real beginer but i don’t have project expirience i do some modeling, but i am best at animating.So i am in.


i see a lot of enthusiasm to do something… but what exactly are you planning to do??


I’m from a mod in development,

You guys have a great idea, and i support it, however as a leader of a mod project I know that it’s real hard to keep everyone together and focused without a plan. My suggestion would be to have a general idea of what you’re trying to accomplish. :slight_smile:

perhaps a small video?


I can’t speak for Icon, but I can say with certainty, that we have in fact decided what is going to be made, and are in the process of fleshing out the idea :slight_smile: