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Create a high resolution model from a lowpoly struture some times can be very tricky.

One of the reasons of it is how new edges on lowres model can affect substantially the highres.

So is there anyway to create a script/plugin/modeling tool that create new edges in the lowres model without affecting the hires shape?

Here’s a simple example:



After adding a sequence of edges, hires changes it’s shape, as expected:

I think this poped in the SubD thread, but no solutions came out.
Any ideas if this is really possible?

I know you can predict where vertices and edges will go from the lowres to the hires, but can’t find a way to do the inverse.

[EDIT] Something like Preserv UVs of 3ds max 7… Preserv Hires model


That’s just how SubD works eh…

I guess feeling in advance what changes will happen comes with practice. It might be possible to compute the difference the meshsmooth algorithm will make and alter the low res accordingly… for some cases, doing this in a generalized way, and/or a gui to match it, might prove very difficult.

The best you can do is have the cage visible, or two objects / viewports so you see both low and hi res.


I’m not complaining about how the algorithm subdivide the mesh, for me it’s works great and give a very nice solution :thumbsup:

But you know, some time it’s not easy to make little details in curved surfaces, like in a Sphere without leaving marks.

Only thing I’m saying is would be nice to have a “Preserv Hires” option and asking if it’s logical possible. :slight_smile:


I think I know how to do this. But it’s more in RivenDales territory than mine. I know he has been banging his head against this one.


I made this thing for myself one day. Just a simple macroscript that tesselates mesh with tension and then removes unneeded eges. You cannot have any modifiers on the stack as it confuses the process and propably leads to funny results. It’s not very reliable either as it has issues with open edges and propably million other things that I don’t know about. Evaluate the script and add it to toolbar or something, if you decide to use it.

macroScript smoothconnect category:"correction" tooltip:"smoothconnect" 
$.EditablePoly.ConvertSelection #Edge #Face
subobjectLevel = 4
modPanel.addModToSelection (tessellate ()) ui:on
$.modifiers[#Tessellate].faceType = 1
$.modifiers[#Tessellate].tension = 5000
maxOps.CollapseNode $ off

modPanel.setCurrentObject $.baseObject
subobjectLevel = 2
y=polyop.getEdgeSelection $ as bitarray
subobjectLevel = 4
actionMan.executeAction 0 "40044"
$.EditablePoly.ConvertSelection #Face #Edge
subobjectLevel = 2
x=polyop.getEdgeSelection $ as bitarray
$.EditablePoly.SetSelection #Edge (x+y)
actionMan.executeAction 0 "40044"

$.EditablePoly.ConvertSelection #Edge #Vertex
subobjectLevel = 2
$.EditablePoly.Remove ()
subobjectLevel = 1
$.EditablePoly.Remove ()
subobjectLevel = 2


Good news, I have worked out a tool like this:)
I have some issues to take care of but I don’t think that its hard to eliminate those issues. Just need some time tonight to iron them out and make the tool work in all situations.

I will probably include this tool with my SelectionMaster tools, so check that thread later for som videoexamples.



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