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Plz. tell me about Particle Playground, Shatter Effects in After Effects coz i am really frustrated working with them. I couldnt find any use of those.

Plz. give me few links or few guidelines so that i can clear my confusion



I also wasn’t aware of the things one could do with those plug-ins.
You’ll find some really good AE tutorials here, including some for
particle playground and shatter.


And this is in News because?..:curious:


because no news is good news hahaha sorry couldn’t resist that…


And this is in News because?..

In todays CG News, we report on a terrifying new weapon that the KFC consortium has developed to ensure their chicken food products are as fresh as possible. The new Stun-A-LICIOUS Mk1™ has been designed to paralyse the chickens prior to depatch to ensure that, although normal body organ functions remain intact, the bird is unable to move, making it’s transportation and subsequent storage easier.

Consumers are concerned of the potential after effects of such an unusual, and untested device, and one even claimed that: “it was a dangerous game to play with nature, it was a whole new particle playground out there!”

Representatives of the mega food chain refused to comment today, after some leaked footage claimed to show a chicken breaking apart after being stunned with the device, but instead issued a brief statement that the whole thing had been a CG hoax - and that they knew nothing of these shatter effects.

That was the news.



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