For a patient and kind person


Hello, My name is Alex. I’m one of plenty beginners, who sometimes get troubles with something in 3D modelling. I’m not a silly guy, of course, I understand, that there’re thousands guys, who’s interested in a helping hand. And I also know, that there’re tons of text about all kind of problems here, or somewhere else on the web. Of course I use them, try to understand and figured out. But sometimes the stupidity of the question is so great that nothing helps.
I’d like to know, if there’s a patient, kind person, who sometimes(not always, I promise) could answer that kind of questions. I’m asking for a person contact in FB or skype, or discord or something like that.
There’d be no questions like “bro, how can I create a new scene in Maya?” xD

As an example of the current problem: I’ve created a HR mesh, also have created the LR for the same char(LR I did in maya) After that, I’ve started to skin and weight low poly model in Maya(to animate it later). And when I’ve googled how to copy the weight from LR to HP model, ive red, that it is usually done with lvl_0 subdivision model. But in my situation, I’ve drawn the lowpoly mesh in maya by myself(didn’t export the lvl_0 subdiv)
In this situation, can I copy the skin and weight from my handmade lowpoly mesh to my HR from Zbrush(2mil. polys)?Would it work?

That’s not a stupid question,i suppose, but sometimes I need an answer, and there’s nobody near to help with. May be someone’d like to.

P.s. I’m sorry for another rubbish thread :grinning: