Football vs Rabbit


Title: Football vs Rabbit
Company: Meindbender
Country: Sweden, trollhättan
Software: Maya, Mentalray, After effects

Hi, this is an Meindbender test animation.
The goal was to get the same kind of feel that stopmotion has with Maya.

-high quality stream-

-low quality stream-

HD version link 13mb, right click and save as



haha, nice work:)


absolutely fabulous !!!

1 : 0


lol! awesome! with the whole claymation / stop motion / 3d animation mix to it… :thumbsup: i wish you guys were around manhattan instead of “trollhattan” :scream: so that i could take a shot at that internship with you guys… oh well… 5 stars!



Wow that was cool, I like the yelp at the end. Nice job.


hahaha great!
I first thought like holy shi… how can stop motion be so smooth!!!
Then the wires ^^
Wonderful rendering work and nice animation as well!
Loved it!


Holy crap. That was simply the coolest 3d animation I’ve ever seen.

How long did it take you to make that?


great render and animation!
looking forward to future projects!

heja sverige :thumbsup:


Dude… you totally pulled it off! I love it… especially the timing!
Hope you will make more of these in the future…


Awesome! I didn’t read your post and just downloaded/watched it and until you had the wireframe shot in the end I thought it was clay stopmotion!


Fantastic! Finally someone got it right. Looking forward to more stuff.
/Jonas (Stockholm)


youhoouuu great work !!


"Holy crap. That was simply the coolest 3d animation I’ve ever seen.

How long did it take you to make that?"

ANSWER: the modelling shading was done in about two days and the animation was done in about one week. Thankyou all for the feedback!

Take care

Meindbender inc


Great stuff!
You pushed the medium a lot!





This is the funniest character design I’ve ever seen.

My first thought was ‘how did they do that??’… When I realized it’s all CG I was blown away.

So how did you get all that detail on the rabbit / background?? And is the rig for the rabbit really complicated? Cause he seemed to be able to shift forms just like real playdough in a stop acition film…


Simply one of the most classy piece of animation I’ve seen here in awhile. Kudos on hitting your mark on this one.


Take care,



It rocks.
I wish it was longer!


I am also curious about this – please share :slight_smile:


really great and your reel is on high level


Wow, could you post some pictures of how all those morph targets must have been setup. Im really curious how you pulled this off. A small tutorial-ish type explanation would rock!