Follow Of The Award, Ramtin Ahmadi (3D)


Title: Follow Of The Award
Name: Ramtin Ahmadi
Country: Iran
Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop

Hey all . This is my last work that Ive done to submit just in CG Society . As Im looking for a CGTalk award , so here is special one :smiley:
Actually its me that am following the Award .he he he :)) :D . All right lets talk about the techniques .Ive used maya for all of 3D WIP , Mental ray to render and then Adobe Photoshop to after editing . Check out the second page to vist wire frame view and cmpose progress .Goodluck mates … :):smiley: :smiley:



Great work
I think you deserve one


Hah! that’s pretty funny! I know exactly how you feel!

The image is fantastic. Great job rendering and a good composition.


Hehe, thats pretty cool. Love your avatar… that dude has it going on!!


LoooooL , i’m with you man :thumbsup:
this is funny :beer:


Hahah! That’s awesome. Nice job.:smiley:


good job man, congrat :slight_smile:


you made my day:D :beer:


this is really cool :thumbsup:


hopefully you’ll get it, sweet piece.


really great work.:thumbsup: You make my wish:)


Hehe, nice idea!
I hope you’ll get it. I’m still chaseing stars for my posts. However there are left some for your image. Keep chaseing! ^^


thats funny,good luck.:thumbsup:


I like it. The robot character has a great posture. Nicely exaggerated.



5 star,hehe , I like the idea!


lol, nice idea.


It’s actually quite creative, cool composition.


hahaha~~ so funny。:scream: keep up


Wow . really hanks mates . I didnt think like this .Im a luck y man .Thanks alot .

And here are some WIP images .
Wire frame .shaded ,not shaded .

Color correction , Befor and after .


Man,that’s Very GOOD! u have found your style…I think you should spend more on doing these interesting stuff…!!! Keep it up and upload a larger size so i can print it out…for my wall:thumbsup: