Fokker d23


This is a my Fokker d23 model that I had initially begun modeling for the last FX Wars challenge. I ran out of time for the challenge so I figured I would go back to the modeling stage and put in a cockpit and increase detail overall on the plane. I’m going for extreme detail, especially in the cockpit.
The cockpit is not accurate to this plane at all because there is simply no reference for the cockpit on Google. Since this is a modeling exercise and not an accuracy exercise, I have basically stolen reference from different cockpits like the spitfire cockpit as well as made up stuff to put in it.
At the moment I’m doing UVs in the cockpit but that is going to take a while given all the details.
I already have a rig created for the plane and I’ll update it when I’m done with the textures. The plane will eventually be in a small animation I’m planning. I will model a pilot when I finish the plane.

This is the plane so far:

Here are images of the cockpit as it stands right now.


Brilliant detail. I’d love to see this with materials! Keep it up. :thumbsup:


looking very nice :slight_smile:


Very very nice! can you post some Wireframes?


Excellent model.The canopy details are awesome.


Here’s a cockpit wireframe.


amazing man, but give us some renders also!


Dude cool but like said before more renders :P. i would be mad if i had to texture that :stuck_out_tongue:

good luck



I dug up some older occlusion renders. There are details that I have added since I made these renders.

And this is a screencap of all the rivets I put on the model by hand.


Great detail. Hope materials will be so good too. (an hardware is really nice.)


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