Fog question...


Hadn’t any need to use Fog in messiah before this, but I do now.

I seem to be missing something. I set the fog basic shader to the opacity of the atmosphere, as it says in the docs.

Also set parameters in the shader and atmosphere settings as well. Anything else I need to set to have it render?



Generally I would suggest using speed hazer for fog because of the good control you can have there. I believe there are a couple of example files in the content directory which should be fairly straight forward to dissect.


Thanks, Ulven!



Using Speed Hazer to put a bit of atmosphere. Here is what I’m getting. In this test, the plants are clones, so I don’t think it’s related to the material, and I can’t isolate this object from the atmosphere because there are probably more in the distance. I am using direct and a small percentage of GI, and have tried switching betwen Monte Carlo and Photon, but I get this fog color on the foreground object.

HAs anyone run into this? Do I need more samples, or something else?



Really need to see the file to help catizone. Sorry



I could strip it down and email it to you if you like…


fine, i’ll send you a pm with my mail address


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