Flying High, Bobby Chiu (2D)


Title: Flying High
Name: Bobby Chiu
Country: Canada

Hi everyone!

Here’s a painting I did for my new “Creature Design Class” on

I’ve been dying to do some high rendered painting for a while now since much of my work nowadays is to create a concept or sketch that is more or less loose.

Hope you like it!

As always,


The creativity and character that your work poses is truly inspiring. Unbelievable execution!


for the first time i’m speechless …
this one is brilliant, nothing less.


Oh my God ^^
Amazing piece. Please, tell me what you eat/drink/smoke to find that kind of idea ^^
The fur and feathure are astonish.
Great job, as usual :applause:


Eliseo - Thank you
NJA3d - cheers
PapaNinja - LOL… :shrug:random mushrooms and berries I find in the forest…


Hehehe, always love your creatures :D. 5 stars Bobby


Kaspaas - thanks! good to be posting something again :slight_smile:


man you never fail to impress! great rendering and very inspiring
glad you found some time during your work, are you still painting for the Alice movie? how`s it going?


Hehe, funny! The rendering of the fur is amazing! I also really like how the light scatters through the wing of the forground creature and picks up a warmer colour.

However, the creature design seem a little too much like building blocks to me. Legs from that animal, head from that, wings from that and so on. It’s a little too evident where the inspiration comes from and I think the creatures could have been blended together more successfully.

Also, the gorilla is too monocromatic for my taste. It looks like a black and white image with a blue gradient on top.


guterrez - thanks! My part in the Alice project is done and I’m on another feature right now. I’m not sure if I can say which one but it’s for Sony Imageworks.


I just love it :slight_smile:

Amazing job !


That looks awesome bobby, another killer piece!


Interesting. Nice creatures. I like how the biggest one has such disporportionally small wings. It makes it funny. They’re all chubby, and a combination of cute and creepy. It’s great for a cartoony effort, like creature character designs. It’s not really high rendered, but it does has lots of details (mostly in the feathers) and smoothness of technique. Nice effort.


Thanks all!

linainverse23 - … don’t even know what to say…


I’m always excited to see your work. I really like the fact that you operate with rather realistic elements to create funny and interesting creatures… I love it! :thumbsup:

cheers :slight_smile:


Wow, amazing piece! I love the surrealistic concept & technically is perfect.


Ahhh…This looks freaking amazingly cute!!

How adorable are your works!!! i just love them…you are extremely talented my friend :beer:



very impressive and full of originality
5 stars for me:)


Super as always! :slight_smile:



Very beautiful paintings, imagination is invincible