flyfight, chang Liu (2D)


Title: flyfight
Name: chang Liu
Country: China
Software: Photoshop

work form me,Chinese traditional themes.deadful melody,fight up the cloud in front of moon, Mysterious girls with incredible Kungfu.hope some one like it.


Wow ! Great work.
Nice compo and good colors.


Beautiful work. Colors and compo are nice, I´m agree with Papaninja.


Your tree could use some more work detail wise, but your girls are kick ass. I love the dynamics of their poses and the flow of their body forms, as well as the flow and drape of their fabrics and clothing. The red woman I like the most with how her arm is in the air, the way she’s carrying that weapon, and how we can just see the knees to help portray an almost leaping gesture.

I like it very much. It’s a very smooth technique that’s good with lighting without too much rendering, detail, or super realism. But it all works in the end, and the composition is well balanced and keeps the eye towards the center where the action is. Great job and keep it up. I love it.


good work! Big moon soo great!!


fascinating atmosphere!
super duper:)


Wow…neat…great composition…love the poses…real nice work…:applause:


really nice painting ~ except for the chest of the girl in red dress…seems a bit over size haha


nice colors and composition,4*:thumbsup:


I have a question, why is shanghai so full of great painters?

Great work!


I agree that the tree could use some more detail, but wow! Very nice.


diva fight love the style


:applause: What an amazing work you did there! Color, composition, posing, perspective, idea . . . all is superb and inspiring. :applause:


so beautiful!


Ho, no more stars? Clicked the lovit insteed then.

Very elegant flow, nice image :thumbsup:
And congrats for the front :slight_smile:


Cool composition, good posing and colors too… nice work


Yeah, great colors, beautiful composition! Very well done!


Nice and sweet composition with colours, setup and imagination.



So AWESOME!!! Kungfu girls rock!
The cloth texture is just amazin!! How’d you do it? Any advice on the technique?


Hi Chang Liu, That was a really dramatic pose and amazing girls in kungfu. I love the lighting and the flow of movement so much. Really beautiful my friend.