Fly me to the moon, Mathias Kollros (2D)


Title: Fly me to the moon
Name: Mathias Kollros
Country: Austria
Software: Photoshop

hi folks,
just finished this painting
it`s the second cover I did for “Earth Rocks” magazine, a small but very fine phantasy publication here in Austria
this issues topic is the moon so I decided to try some kind of retro SiFi illustration
all done in PS



That’s a great piece. I love the lighting of the helmet of the alien.


This needs to be on the frontpage!


Thats a great bug eyed monster. I think the subtle texture on the flying saucers is nice as well. They look quite roughly carved, almost like they were hewn from metallic meteorites. Interesting choice.


Really nice man, I like it :slight_smile:


Very good illustration, I love the 50th pulp style :applause:


hehe funny…love the alien octo creature…:smiley:


ha thx guys, glad there still is someone who can appreciate the great creature design from the 50s ^^

L8n: very cool idea with these metallic meteorites! thx for the input


Poor baby alien!

Love the facial expressions in there. Awesome work. :smiley:


Hoho awesome work!!

Lil alien is cute

  • Ty


This is very well done … love the colors and mood



Lovely piece, can’t stop looking at it. :thumbsup:


So nice, concise and wonderful piece of image :thumbsup:


Nicely executed and great concept. You know what stinks? The thumbnail on the front page. A close up on the planet earth? Other then that- great.


holy moly frontpage and an award?! I take this as late birthday present ;D
to all the CGSociety folks, thank you very much for the extradose of endorphines flowing through my veins right now!
and thank you for all the fine comments, really appreciated…just wondering how so many think the lil alien is cute^^


beautiful work :thumbsup:


well-deserved :thumbsup:


Really awesome! great color depth, details and idea!
My compliments man!


wow,that`s a funny story…like the color and creativity


great composition! leading the eye, just using the circles, making a round with the view. From earth, ships, heads…:slight_smile: Congrats