Fly Doggy Fly


Hello again.

What’s the picture about?
I don’t know already.
I’m just trying out some render brushes.
But i am sure i’ll fill the picture with some unkown stuff.


… and here are some details

not much yet but more’s on the way.


nice, cute and playful! keep the ball rolling with the image

minor crit- i wish the doggy was really a doggy instead of a man-doggy :stuck_out_tongue: personal preference


That’s beautiful! He looks like a doggie secret agent. I agree with teknotek83 in that a rounded, fuzzy body would look best. I hadn’t noticed the manly chest until you showed the closeup. Can’t wait to see more.


Thanks a lot. Crits are always good here.
Secret agent? Mhh. not bad, why not.


Wow this looks great!!! :thumbsup:
maybe put a white gradient? im not sure, this looks done to me!

If you want some crazy ideas, maybe add a kitty falling from the sky, skydiving or something whoohoo :scream:


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