Fly Away, Krzysztof Bielenin (2D)


Title: Fly Away
Name: Krzysztof Bielenin
Country: Poland
Software: Photoshop, XSI

This is an artwork I did for fun in free time, base stuff rendered in XSI to set perspective, shot etc. Whole rest done in Photoshop. Hope You enjoy it!


Very cool painting! I love the perspective and the lighting. I really like your style of painting, with the highly detailed foreground elements, and simpler background.



It’s really great!Good Job!


beautiful work :slight_smile:


Very good work! :applause:


It almost looks like a fusion of Coruscant, and Naboo…

Not that it’s a bad thing at all! - lovely!


Great work!!!
Best regards, Selwy


Marvelous work



You rock, as always.


Thanks a lot for comments!

phunky_nick, perfect conclusion, but it wasn`t intentionally. Cool that You connected mine with this two cities though.


That’s just gorgeous. I’m in love with your palette, too. Nice work, and congrats! :thumbsup:


decent! I love it!


what a great piece … really nice perspective and colors :thumbsup:

keep up the good work


The perspective is awesome, great piece.


wow, thats stunning. looks pretty mutch painted…i love that style!


Would it be possible to see a screen grab of base work you did in XSI?
Amazing work.


Love the camera angle and the retro design of the little airplane. :thumbsup:

I second this, would love to see it too.


There is nothing special about modeling stuff here. My pipeline when working on this artwork was to model truly basic models and grab them all in camera to be sure that when I would finish designing stuff in PS it would all fit together perfectly. Generaly I didn`t want even to spend a lot of time for modeling because of simple one reason… to not close my perception in 3D under-layered shapes and to save time of course.

So only boxes, spheres, ah and of course perspective lines captured in viewport as top layer. All stuff painted in CS4 (thanks God for openGl + rotation feature). So its 2-3% 3D support only, but without this I would probably lost 1-2 days for linedrawing with such an angle.


very nice one :thumbsup:


Well done Chris :slight_smile: Show us the base render. Love the camera angle.