fluid sim with 3dsmax


hi I post some of test videos about Aquarius Fluid Simulator. It is PIC/FLIP/APIC base fluid simulator for liquid and smoke.
And it was used for many of our film, drama and TVCM projects in many year. So, it is very fast and stable!
I will look for beta testers of this in the near future. Is there guy interesting in it??




Do you have any plans for full ocean support like phoenix fd has?


It is already having ocean system for 3D simulation.
And also having very fast 2D based wake / ripple simulator which can use with the ocean system for very far place of effects.


That’s very cool, I don’t think anyone would mind having a different fluid sim that can possibly do things faster.


What render does it support? Can you do a pool of liquid and then have it sloushing around with many different parts moving in it? Imagine oil in a crankcase.

How about the fluid flowing through passages.

Or do this in the follow link about 1.3 minutes in


I have been dabbling with phoenix FD with free trial. I am still trying to understand this stuff.

Also you may want to check out a previous post here


Looks very nice - yeah, we need more decent sims on Max.

What kind of price point are you looking at?

And presumably you can have objects affected by the fluid - so does that means boats floating on water?

Can we use it to fill odd shaped volumes? for VFX stuff?

I’d be interested to see the UI and have a tinker.



Aquarius can export particles data as prt. And Mesh as Alembic data. And also VDB volume data.
So, you can use any render which you want.
About pool of liquid thing, I think this oil which in the video is increasing over the shot. So, I think it emit some of fluid from somewhere around. Or none physically correct result to increase their volume. Anyway, it can do same thing in Aquarius with viscosity setting, I bereave.


About boats, yes, you can make it.
Aquarius can do 2way coupling simulation. Means that fluid gives and receive reaction with rigid body objects.
At this video, each A/B/C rigid objects moved by fluid motion.
A has higher density value than liquid(sink). B has same density with liquid(drift). And C has lighter(float).

I will post some more sample vidoes.


Thanks for the feedback. When do you think you would be ready to release?

I do appreciate the feedback. I am new to fluids. I am a NX designer. I am Working with 3Ds max on our current models and relatively a noob. Thanks again


What about rendering smoke?

Anyway - it looks good - I’d like to beta test it if possible.


So how does this compare to Maya’s Bifroost?


I will upload smoke samples.

I started to test on Maya/Bifrost. It is not finished but it looks slower(but faster than realflow) than Aquarius in same situation/setting.
When simulation finished, I will post the time here.



These are awesome looking sims.
I’d also like to see UI, and cant wait to see what it can do with smoke.


I’m testing Maya/Bifrost with same scene(my Aq vs Rf scene) and similar setting, but it look too bad.
Bifrost can not make correct fluid volume result (it looks huge expansion) and build bunch of unstable droplet particles.
So, Initial speed looks faster(2times faster than RF, but 2times slower than Aq) but total cost takes a lot.
I will try to make another test scene such as speed boat drive or something.

BTW, this is UI of Aquarius.
Yes, it is node based system. And it made by Python in most of the part. So, actually, Aquarius can use from any DCC software, if we makes small connection part of the plugin for it.



Aquarius seems very fun.
After taking a look at the nodes, it’s seems not so hard to understand.
I’m a phoenix FD user, i would love to beta test Aquarius where i see some possibilitys that’s i’haven’t with my current tools.


so if it’s CPU based, yes it’s great if you have these new multicore chips…but are there plans to use GPU like a GTX 1070 at the very least ?


Ready for a waterfight???


People with an active contract should look in their account for the 3ds Max 2018.3 update and the goodie it carries …
I guess you meant/referenced that in the waterfight part ?

Kelly created a seperate thread about the release


Yes, there are some very nice new feature! :slight_smile:


Current Aquarius is CPU only.
And I’m considering about millions or billions of particles and voxel. For that reason, GPU is a bit difficult now.
Because it use a lot of memory and transfer data from CPU to GPU and back is really slow.
So, small simulation may get advantage on GPU, but large scale simulation get huge bottle neck I imagine.
But in the future, I will think about GPU sim, of course.



Too late

Lots of people and developer shifted max to Maya and Houdini because of all these frequently requested feature in 3ds max.

At-least I hope it presents a new feature more than bifrost in Maya because Maya has more powerful physique system