fluid lighting


hi all, I am doing couple of fluid sims and there’s already a lighting rig in the scene, I was wondering if there an accurate way to light the fluids in combination of turning on real lights option in the fluid container settings. any suggestions on how to correctly set up a fluid to work with lights?



I try to avoid real lights with fluids as your render times will go through the roof. If you are using maya 2011 the bounding calculations actually work i never got them to work properly before this version. And the internal fluid lighting using your lighting rig as a base does an ok job of actually simulating a three point light setup in software.

for me real lights…raytracing on fluids is a NO!!.. NO!!!
good luck with a solution.


yeah I try to avoid real lights, it just blows out the whole fluid, the reason y i asked is because i’m working on a sim that has a a shadow of a person casted on it, I never missed around with lights, but for this job the lighter gave me a whole light rigg for that scene which in this case the fluid needs to have the same lighting and shadow as the scene. i’m working on maya 2010…


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