Fluid Inspiration, Akira Hanzo (3D)


This is awesome work! The textures and especially the skin shader are phenomenal. The hair and eyebrows are very well done also. I agree that the pores on the cheeks are a tad bit too much and that the eyes are too “glassy” looking. What does this image look like in color?


I think this work deserver some attentions. here’s my 2 cent.

The part that given away is the split end of the hair. Now it look very obvious that it’s build from plane. This could be problems with the transparency map. But anyway, I believe u can do better job than that.

The highlight in the eye is too hard (it’s scary u know?), u could try to make it a little smaller and softer (but not too soft). Currently the eye’s shader looks more like highly reflective glass than watery translucean eye. The value of the spec on eye could be a little lower too.
I don’t really mind the pores. looks fine for me.

should be nicer if u add a little falloff rim light from both sides of jaw and neck.

Composition wise, it’s really off balanced. but it still undenyably a very nice image.

Someone make it front page!


quality nice , great work :slight_smile:


nice work her eyes r realy nice :slight_smile:


Real nice!

Maybe try to make the girl blurred as if she was in the background. This enhances the picture and give it more depth.


Hello friend Akira

Really good ! Congratulations !:thumbsup:


your stuff is really good… the liquid has been treated really well… hope to see more of your work soon…


great work looks real:)


Beautiful work… The eyes keep you staring. I like the composition also. Keep it up!


M-ai rupt efectiv!
Superba lucrarea! :applause:
Nu-ti mai zic chestia cu porii ca deja cred ca te-ai plictisit dar tre’sa-ti zic ca de-abia astept lucrarea urmatoare!

si stii ce ma bucura?incet,incet,tot mai multi romani iau CGtalk Award-ul!!!

Bravo inca o data!!! :bounce:


It’s unbelivable. Very very impressive. Nice.


i love the girl.you’re very strong.how you finish this eyebrow and mouse .it’s very very reality .but ithink the skin have some problem


well i dont like the part below the fluid … it like … a different picture.
But the eyes and the hair , they r so pretty … :slight_smile:


This is amazing, I love the eyes, and the water is very cool. I am curious though, what is reflecting in her eyes? is it just a picture or did you model a room for her to be looking into? once again, amazing work! :buttrock:


really nice work… but i think derz som prob with the face texture…like the bump map tht u used… is not tht real… derz lods of bumps on her cheek… it doesn really look tht real…

if u hav time… n if u think tht m rit… u can fix tht thing… .n post it again…


Amazing character very realistic. I love the cocept and the decision fro black and white was great. The fluid effect is well executed and the whole piece has a great feel

Nice work


wew. love her lips man. great work :slight_smile:


Ohh thats something no want to miss!! My frnds loving it too 98mark out of100


The woman looks almost 100% photo-realistic. The glare in the eyes seems a little to shinny to be real, but beside that it is wonderful.


Beauteful, maybe the only crit would be that skin looks a bit strange… the bumbs on cheeks are to big…