Fluid Inspiration, Akira Hanzo (3D)


i love the girl.you’re very strong.how you finish this eyebrow and mouse .it’s very very reality .but ithink the skin have some problem


well i dont like the part below the fluid … it like … a different picture.
But the eyes and the hair , they r so pretty … :slight_smile:


This is amazing, I love the eyes, and the water is very cool. I am curious though, what is reflecting in her eyes? is it just a picture or did you model a room for her to be looking into? once again, amazing work! :buttrock:


really nice work… but i think derz som prob with the face texture…like the bump map tht u used… is not tht real… derz lods of bumps on her cheek… it doesn really look tht real…

if u hav time… n if u think tht m rit… u can fix tht thing… .n post it again…


Amazing character very realistic. I love the cocept and the decision fro black and white was great. The fluid effect is well executed and the whole piece has a great feel

Nice work


wew. love her lips man. great work :slight_smile:


Ohh thats something no want to miss!! My frnds loving it too 98mark out of100


The woman looks almost 100% photo-realistic. The glare in the eyes seems a little to shinny to be real, but beside that it is wonderful.


Beauteful, maybe the only crit would be that skin looks a bit strange… the bumbs on cheeks are to big…


i like the water very much. i also like the fact that it in b&w


Good, Perfect refrection like original.:thumbsup:


Great job other than the “skin moustache”, that’s pretty funny.


i love the lips, eyes, liquids, and the hair.

great job!!


beautiful work…


well eventually you’ll figure out the problem with the skin, but i still think is a very nice concept, well executed. :thumbsup:


Absolutely Ingenious. Will learn from ur fluid dynamics. Cheers :thumbsup:


Actually i think this is a nice piece of skill , your choose of gray colors is absloutlty fantastic.

However , the area around the mouth is some kind of stretched , i mean the color of this area above the lips is a bit diferrent.

Any way , its a very nice work.

Keep goin man


i think its gr8 work, suparb ,
nice rendering,in B&W its looking somewat diffrent , cooooooooooooool man


its just a gr8…
i love it…


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