Fluid Inspiration, Akira Hanzo (3D)


Title: Fluid Inspiration
Name: Akira Hanzo
Country: Romania
Software: 3ds Max 5

The main idea is that inspiration is like a fluid that floats in the air, a substance that can be smelled, tasted and seen. It is easier than air and might be flowing as water, easily vanishing.


Absolutely amazing work, I love it =D

The only thing I would change is maybe making the texture on/above the cheeks closer match the chin and rest of the face. It looks a little too rough compared to the rest… this might just be me though.

But anyway, great job!!


Stunning. B&W CG always looks better to me. However, must offer the following crits.

The hair looks 3d; The tips show that it is clearly transparency mapped. The ends shouldn’t be so straight cut.

I suppose the pores on the face are more defined because it is seen through the water or something else I don’t understand, but it looks a bit odd.


Nice stuff!

There are various discrepencies to criticise but overall I find the image aesthetically pleasing. I especially like the liquid and the eyes. The lips appear to lack any kind of depth. Overall: nice.



nice image – if you change anything, I would suggest toning down the PORES of the skin. I like the freckles - but freckles denote a YOUNG person, and a younger person has much smaller pores … not as pronounced. Keep up the excellent work bub!



yeah the pores are to strong for such a face…
anyway great modeling and great liquids…


very fine, and natural look!.. the overall lighting is very good, and enhance the freshness!.. would you post a wireframe of the face, withoiut the texture?..


amazing work!!!

you are elite.

no comments, simply perfect!


technically very impressive.
I don’t really like 3D images like that thought, a photo would do the trick better…


Nice model!
Nice lighting! A beautiful work. I’d like to know how you did the shading on the lips?
Anyway it’s well done!


well done … love the eyes


perfect :buttrock: absloutly amazing !..keep it up :thumbsup:


:applause: !SUPERB! :applause:


uhhh uhhhh :bowdown:IM NOT WORTHY…IM NOT WORTHY !!:bowdown: Im truly amazed… all done in max no liquid programs or hair plug ins?


Flippin brilliant!

The mouth looks exceptionally photo-real.
The whole thing looks photo real to me - the only thing that gave it away for me is the eyes being a little too sharp.
I do agree that the pores on her cheeks are a bit strong - it makes her look a lot older.

Excellent work either way!!



Very nice render. The texturing looks kind of odd around the mouth, but other than that this could pass as a photo.
I’d say this is one of my new favorite compositions that I’ve seen here, at least. :slight_smile:


pore . lentigo . derma’s texture
they look so clear
good job


composition is very much out of balance, the diametral oposition if the water breaking is not very much in relation with the woman’s face.

the modelling is good.


great work, very realitic


I know the accident with the pores… but I am just a begginer! I will be more carefull with texture… Thanks for all messages. It was a pleasure!

I’ll be back soon!