Fluid-Fire "explodes" upon colliding with geo


Hi there!

I have an issue with a Fluid-Container (10x10x10, Base resolution 60, open boundaries, Density, Velocity and Temp set to “Dynamic Grit”, Fuel to OFF), that simulates a burning fire. The fluid is being emitted from a curve (Density and Temperature). The simulations runs fine over the whole 120 frames, displaying the exact results im aiming for. (Animition settings: Play every frame)

However, after inserting a simple, slightly tilted PolyCube over the fire (Fluids > Make Collide), the behaviour of the fire changes:

The first 20 frames simulate fine, the fire flows around the geo as planned. Suddenly, at frame 21 the fire “explodes”, filling the container with specs of Density, Heat and Temp, turning the simulation to a chaotic dance of values.

If have no clue, what causes this erratic behaviour. Any ideas? (Maya 2019.2, Eduational license)

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Welcome to the world of simulation.
Thats what probably also would happen if you do that in real world.

For combustion sims i would use the new bifrost graph.


Fire scattering chaotic across the room upon interacting with geometry? The cube consist of Polygons only. No Semtex. I made sure.

I will provide pictures tomorrow. Probably a precision issue with the collision-calculation?