Fluid emission from texture sequence



I’m trying to emit heat and density into a 3D Fluid container from a polycylinder with an image sequence as the emission texture. And it’s kind of unpredictable how this gets evaluated. It seems, that maya uses only the frame I have chosen when selecting my texture in the file browser and ignores the “use texture sequence” button. Or something like this.
I’m pretty sure it worked in another scene some days ago with the same maya version, so I’m a little bit unsure if this is a bug or just my mistake.

Maya2013 SP2 x64, Win7x64



Go here: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=86&t=1065579

AnimatedFox made a python script that forces the image sequence to update, just make sure you look through the comments because there was some weird spacing when he copied the script to the forum that was giving me a syntax error.


Seems to work fine, thank you! (And the author of the code, of course.)


Glad it helped!



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