Fluid Effects - How to bend a Flame?


Hello everybody! This is my first post here. Hope to find some help.

I’ve created a fluid fx flame and I want to bend/warp the flame tip. In other words, first let the flame origin behave naturally by the fluids own means, and then gradually take over control of the upper region of the flame to make it follow a path.

I’ve tried using fields, but either the fluid breaks up or it looks like it’s simply affected by a wind blowing over it.

Then I tried emitting fields on a per-particle basis from a curve flow, attracting the fluid density to the particles. No great results there.

Now, and so far the most promising approach, I’m using a curve flow again, but no fields, just affecting the fluid by having each particle address the voxel it’s passing through, using expressions like setFluidAttr -at “velocity” -ad

I’ve included expressions for “pushing in” fluid at the edges of the flow, trying to prevent the density from escaping the flow.
And I’m adding density and temperature from the particles too, to keep a visible intensity throughout the flow. Everything is controlled gradually by being connected to ramps connected to particle age.

Still it’s really tough to keep the fluid coherent and maintain a decent look.
I don’t expect to maintain a “flame look” as the particles take over control. But at least a live plasma like energy look… sort of thing :slight_smile:

Any ideas? Any experience with a mixture of expressions for this approaching this? Or other, and preferably easier ways of “bending flames” within Maya fluids?



well you seem to have covered most of the bases there. The only thing i would suggest is try switching the opacity graph from density to speed when using the particle expression for velocity. You might loose a bit of the look of the fire but you’ll gain more control in the tail end that you want. Its a tradeoff but fluids just wernt made to do what you want


Thanks for the tip Paul. It does however alter the look too much I think, in the variations I’ve tried so far.



i would suggest (as you have tried already), using multiple fields en put the fire (emitter) to longer life, so that they live longer and youre able to see it, while bending…

I think this is the way to get more realistic results (cause of the fields)…


PS Show me the result when finished plz,Im curious 'bout this one… :wink:


maybe use Peter Shipkov’s afterburn script, so you can use particles (which I’d wager would be easier to control), but shade them with maya fluids.


Alternatively, maybe render an oversize flame that just moves vertically, and warp the image afterwards in 2d?


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