Flowers in full bloom, Chengbin Du (3D)


Title: Flowers in full bloom
Name: Chengbin Du
Country: China
Software: Maya, mental ray, ZBrush

In last year , I had a glance at one photograph, so I intended to describe it in CG. Due to my busy business work, I have done it until recently . I modified environment and tones, and added some drops for detail. I comparatively like softness luminous for making tranquil environment effect

zbrush for model sculpture , maya mental ray for rendering , and DeeX shaders pack for material process , I extremely appreciate this shader tool ,it accelerates the progress . last nuke for compositing.


good modle and lighting!
I eve saw you in crystalCG,but unlucky that you leave away ,hope u have more good work !


Simple and effective, I love it !


Amazing shaders! Good composition of light!
Keep posting Chengbin:)


Amazing scene ultra real nice camera lighting shaders
5 *


Beautiful ! well done :wink:


whoa, incredible. I always love to see cg shots of nature.


Amazing work.
I just love it.
Really nice and effective.
Love the composition too.


Lovly image!
Very tender. Good composition!


Fantastic image.
Posted it on the blog.


a du ,Very beautiful !


very very nice :slight_smile:


Thats a brilliant quality work! very nice realism. did you use deex for render pass stuff?


So beautiful!!


I love it ! :thumbsup:


This work shows how a simple scene could be wonderful. Amazing work man!


Nice work!I love it! :wink:


very nice work.keep it up!


Beautiful, nice work!


nice done, keep it up!:stuck_out_tongue: