Flower Messenger, Jack Zhang (3D)


Title: Flower Messenger
Name: Jack Zhang
Country: Canada
Software: Photoshop, XSI

Flower messenger is my 5th finished work, 3rd after school. She is based on Liu Yifei, a young chinese actress. I started the project sometime around the end of October of 2006, spent five months on it. I used Xsi for modeling, Photoshop for texturing and final correction.

Here I would like to thank everyone who supported me and corrected me during the working progress period. Specially thank all those who gave me great strength to help me finished the work.

Here’s the WIP link if you would like to check it out.
And finally, I hope you all enjoy. Thank you.


Wow, she looked so beautiful. I like the dressing and the hair style. very oriental style.

Congratulations! Two thumbs up!


Nice work:)


That’s pretty nice. I’d mentioned about the hair, it is almost correct for the geometry structure. However, there’s still some flaws I discovered.

The forehead hair, near the big ornament at the center, I saw some red and green random color that is not quite natual(may be due to jpeg compression) But I would like her hair color to be more dark with a stronger specularity. And her braids’ ends are big off, that didn’t hide the junctions between the braids and the loose ends, I will use beads or use strings to wrap them up.

About her headset ornaments, I will limit the use of the color, just too catchy than her costume that she wears.

Her left hand pinky can be improved.


Good work man!!


that’s great! i very like this work!:thumbsup:

five stars!


turned out great, although i would have love to see more time devoted to facial details i.e (under the nose region).

Nevertheless GREAT WORK :slight_smile:
Keep it up


Very pretty, I like. Some feel at the skin. Refueling


Beautiful, congrats again, it’s truly amazing :thumbsup:


Yes, man! I like the colors and the clothes… but you don’t want to change the background! He,he! Great work! :thumbsup:


Impressive work …


You’ve done an excellent job . Great Colors .
Good Luck .


And it shows, love everything about it.




hey, Jack. very great work. The cloth is very impressive! 5 *

Good Luck ! :thumbsup:


Hi Jack!

Very well deserved… Great final image!


Hi Jack, congrats for the frontpage bro :thumbsup:


I have been waiting for this one
nice atmosphere! Nice expression too, congrats!:slight_smile:


Hey Jacky !

Grats! I really like the gentle glow on the cloth and the colors! Its your best work so far man. Keep up the good work :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, the ear seems a little bit low rez compared to the rest don’t you think??

I find it much better than your Monkey King!
Level up!!! Great job again!


Top notch man!

Great and skilled work! 5 months and 5 *****.

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Congratulation man…front page…nice job buddy.

see you soon