Flow Connect in Cinema 4D?



is there any chance to gest something similar like the flow connect tool of other modeling packages with a trick or workaround in Cinema 4D?

For those who are not familiar with the command, I have attached an example image that shows what flow connect does. Flow connect inserts a loop and keeps the overall shape round instead of flattening it like the standard connect command in C4D does.

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MeshSurgery used to do this. It was developed by Per-Anders Edwards (now working for Maxon) and Paul Everett… Apparently the modeling effect you described was invented by these guys and later picked up by many other packages… except C4D. Go figure.


Not sure if it works for current builds of C4D.


Thanks, that’s exactly what I was looking for! The superflange command seems to do that. Unfortunately the tools are for 8.5 and not longer available :frowning:


It looks like a loop cut should do what you want
in addition to having your object in a HN cage.
But then , without a file to look at, the solutions
will all be theory as well as a compilation of past
techniques and work flow.

Plugins will not correct faulty modeling afaik :shrug:


this might help, not sure if he already released it :



Thanks, Little_Devil!
I contacted Daniel yesterday and he told me that he’s going to release the plugins soon (maybe this weekend, he mentioned)

Can’t wait to use it in my daily modeling workflow :slight_smile:

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an older thread about the function


suggest this as a feature to maxon through the suggestion form.



Thanks skamierski.

I tried out the workarounds described in your thread but it’s not really nice to work with (and the results are not really predictable in some cases)

I’ll contact Maxon via the feature suggestion form on their website and hopefully Daniel will release his plugin this weekend.

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