Flooding a color on mesh


Hello all,

I need to animate the an object’s color so that it looks like being flooded with color.

I need to have a generic procedure/script/plug-in that can take any shape and flood it with the given color over time (few vertices per frame). If the object has textures, the not-yet-colored vertices should retain those texture colors.

How to achieve this?

If I use ramp textures, the flooding is not continuous (the vertices are colored as per the UV layout and not as per vertex neighborhood).

Besides, the given object might have mutiple textures associated with (for example, a character exported from poser will typically have different textures associated with its different body parts).

So I am looking for the best way of handling this.

It should be as simple like, take a shape and fill its vertices with color one by one, each frame. But could not find if I should create a shader node or color node or utility node :sad:

Any ideas are appreciated.

Thank you,



is there a reason why you don’t do this in post? Just render your model with the proper textures applied, then render another pass with a colored lambert and do the flooding in a compositing software.
I think that would be the easiest way…


Thank you for the compositing tip. That would be good idea indeed.

But I needed to write a generic node that can flood many ‘kinds’ of things.

For example, we attach the flood node and then configure its type to be either color or transparency or size etc…

Flooding a transparency is like hiding the object slowly
and Flooding a “size” is like deforming the shape slowly…

Hope I am making sense.

I want to be able to flood any given shape ‘configurably’.

Any ideas are appreciated.

Thank you,


well you can keyframe vertexcolors


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