Flood Paint


Hello, does anyone know of a way to easily flood paint with the paint brush or paint erase tools in mudbox 2010? The best solution I am using is to make the tool really huge, and make a couple strokes on the object, but I would think that there has to be an easier method.

Also, is there a way to mask with the paint tools?


Not that I’m aware of to either. And I’d very much like both. And in fact have requested both before.

To flood fill, you can save the texture, open it if Photoshop, fill it, save it, then reload it in Mud. Which is of course fairly ridiculous.


Well, thanks for your info, using Photoshop would of course work too, but as you said, it’s pretty complicated, for something simple.

I guess, in mudbox, the painting tools lack the same consistency as the sculpting tools, such as the flooding and masking, and being able to smooth the colors. I also think the dry brush, should be a function of each tool, instead of it’s own tool, that way, you could turn it on or off, so that you could flood and erase the peaks and crevices


make sure you report all your feature requests and bugs to the mud dev team…
they forced to read it… :smiley:

help --> suggest a feature…
help --> report a problem…


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