Floating World


Floating World is the opposite from Earth/Our world. The dominant element is water, on many different levels, there is no earth element at all. everything is growing from water and is floating.

All done with Photoshop
critiques are welcomed, thanks.

Here is some screenshoot/close up.


Its a little bit more saturated than Yerka’s colors…
But who cares!!This is awesome work!!
Very psychedelic!!:cool:
Good Luck to you!!


Great Work Man,

It’s a little bit similar on my concept that soon will be posted.



Great concept and execution! Thanks for sharing this piece of art with us. Good luck!


really wonderful work :slight_smile:
finally good to see something that lives up to the aims of the contest a little more :smiley:

for me it almost looks a little too finished…a little too airbrushed kinda feel if you were going for jaceks style…but you
have defiantly got the mood and theme down 100%.

well done :slight_smile: you have set a nice early benchmark for others to aspire to :slight_smile:


very nice work I like this one very much:applause:


yes! i know that’s. probably for the second one i will make more into his style. i hope i have time in between my working time.


i am looking forward for your entry,thanks!


Thanks for your compliment!,
soon you will see a lot of master of surreal in this contest, at the moment they are still to busy for steampunk challages. i am looking forward for another entries.


Hi Thomas, Thanks!


Very good job!!! I like it! :applause:


love it :bounce:
love the colors and all the sea creatures
very good work incorporating all of them in to the picture


Pedro & Leon- Thanks a lot


Very nice work!


Nice work :slight_smile: I have a question…did you get confirmation when you submitted your entry. Ive tried to upload mine for ages, it doesnt appear to be working. Can anyone help?


Randy - Thanks:)

Shân-Thanks, i think you get the answer from forum already about your problem,looking forward to see your surreal image,goodluck


Here is some screenshoot/close up.


I want a home like that:bounce:Sinply awesum!!


Very cool!
You are definitely capturing the essence of surrealism.
This is so far the best entry in my opinion. :buttrock:


Beautiful piece Heri, some amazing details and concepts this is truelly a surreal picture. good luck with this contest.