Floating, Ethan Luo (3D)


Title: Floating
Name: Ethan Luo
Country: China
Software: Blender, Photoshop

Hi all,
Here’s my entry for this year’s BWC(Blender World Cup) game. And I’m luck to get the 1st win. :slight_smile:


A lost fantasy world, as her legend floating way nobody know where she will be.

The following tech and tips are used in this work.
SSS shade and displacement map modify in lady body.
Sculpt on low ploy to bake the Bump and AO map.
Fall-off node for fish and body shade.
Texture in light to create caustics effect in water.
Alpha texture mapping to create the underwater light.
Camera mapping and Project mapping to create the rocks and hill.
Blender 2.49b Internal render for each layer and composite in photoshop for color balance.
Node pipeline set on glow effect.
Matte painting on two bird and night feeling.
Total works time: About 1month.
Render time: 2hours for all layers to output.
Render Size: 4977x3794 300bit. JPG quality 12

please check the wip thread from the following thread:


Hope you will like my work.



OOmg I loved it all man,nice image!


Excellent work. Please show us how to use blender for making such an amazing work


Amazing work!!!:eek:


It’s been a while since i’ve posted on anything! But this deserves it, stunning image. A few issues here and there but totally easy to miss.

Great imagination.



wow…i love this …this is very cosmic…
great work man.


Huge concept i must say!
And the implementation is also outstanding!


This is huge! Great image! I’ve got the filling of it’s gigantic+ness :slight_smile:


:bounce: thank you guys~ so happy you love my work, I will post some of my wip later as now I’m working on the file clean work. :stuck_out_tongue:


Interesting character and pose.
Good composition.


hi all,

I have update a making of thread, plz check:
Making of Floating


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