Floating Brushes in photoshop 6, How


Does anybody know how to float the brush palettes in photoshop6?
This might sound stupid, but was the feature of a floatable brush palatte turned off in version 6. I’ve searched the help files to no avail. I asumed this would be obvious since its existed in earlier versions.
Also do any Wacom or other, tablet users know if the new photoshop 7 brush engine maches up to painters abilities?
Thanks for any help in advance,


The brushes palette does not float in PS6, however with the 6.1 update it is linked to the right-click menu (which you can assign to your Wacom pen too).

They’ve bought it back in PS7 though, and right click brings up the presets. F5 is the toggle key for the full palette. Top tip for those with Wacoms: instead of assigning right-click to your Wacom button, assign F5 instead, that way you can bring up the full brushes palette rather than just the presets. :slight_smile:

The brush engine in PS7 is excellent, but obviously not as good as Painter. I would still use it over Painter in most cases as I hate Painter’s interface. The PS7 engine is now great for grit and texture, and emulating watercolours is pretty easy. Painter however does offer about a million more options so if you want ultimate control it is still the best bet.


Cheers Frog,
That did the trick. :beer:


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