Flight To The Blue Tower, Stefan Morrell (3D)


Title: Flight To The Blue Tower
Name: Stefan Morrell
Country: New Zealand
Software: 3ds max, finalRender, Photoshop

This is a frame from an animation that I’ve been working on,the animation doesnt seem to be going anywhere fast so I rendered out a frame and had some fun with it in Photoshop…

all assets made in 3dsmax,using the same ship from my ‘City Canyon’ image,rendered at 8k in finalrender.
thanks for viewing and any comments


Great job once again Stefan. I like the gritty film feel. Is the city entirely 3D?


thanks Zach!..its all 3d,heres a wireframe of the scene



Fantastic work! I like color and lights!


as always amazing!
best of luck


really great work as always! :cool:


Great work! My only crit would be that it´s…well, boring. Don´t get me wrong it´s superb in its execution but I don´t feel much when looking at the image so this might be quite a personal crit. Maybe because there´s not much happening in the image.


wow! superb i am fan of big cities and this all in 3d


Great work, like the motion blur :smiley: :argh:


I’m adore about speed of you posting new images :applause:
Even more so your artworks has incredible quality as always!
Respect :bowdown:


I like the mood of the scene ! Any chance to look at a small anim soon ? :stuck_out_tongue:
Keep up the good work :wink:


Nice work as usual Stefan

  • Ty


Great image… I’m impressed how you make complex scenes so fast!


i agree,
great job overall,
very detailed work



Great looking scene :slight_smile: I bet it looks amazing when animated!


Very nice work Stefan, the view is very inviting and makes me want to be there…


lol, awesome work,5 stars!!
I love the mood!


Very good… I really like this one. Reminded me of Tron design a little bit, maybe because of those stripes in the back. Great work as usual! :thumbsup:


Nice work here Stefan!


Amazing work. Congratz. I love the athmosphere and the light. Can you tell us a bit about your workflow? I cant imagine how can you model and texture a city once a week lol.

Sry for my english, i hope you can understand…