Flickering animation with Vray


Hi everybody!

I want to render an animation with Vray. I followed exactly all the steps as in this tutorial: http://help.chaosgroup.com/vray/help/150SP1/tutorials_anim2.htm

So I rendered the irradiance maps, and then I rendered the final images by interpolating the saved irradiance maps. But the animation still has flickering. Here is the final animation. You can see some flickerings at the fingers:

I don’t know what to do. How can I render without flickering?


Get solidrocks.


Use multiple passes so you can use different GI methods. Render the head (not moving) with one saved Illumination map. That will render out nice and fast. Then render the moving objects with brute force.

I don’t prefer to use IMaps with animated geometry. Instead I prefer to use brute force with high samples in primary. Like 30 - 50 samples.

Secondary GI - I use Light Cache with 1500+ samples. That usually is enough samples in a bright scene to not see any artifacts. You can also try brute force for secondary as well.

As suggested above, Solid Rocks will also teach you some great stuff if you pay attention to what its doing for you. Good luck



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