Flexors and extensors


Hey guys

I am kinda confused about these…

What is the diference between a flexor and extensor?

How should i think of these?

Help this total anatomy newbie please :slight_smile:


Hi Steve, If you were to stand with your arms by your side palms facing your body, flexors move the hand toward the body and extensors move it away. flexors are on the down side of the arm (palmar),
extensors are on the Top (dorsal)side !

“pronators” twist the arm !


Thank you so much…

Really cleared a lot of stuff in my head … :slight_smile:


aside from the muscles that are actually named flexors and extensors, basically, “flexors” are muscles that make something bend, and “extensors” are muscles that make something straight. all muscles come in complementary sets, so you will always have some that are “flexors” and some that are “extensors”. so, for the arms, the primary flexor group is the bicep group, and the primary extensor group is the tricep group. for the legs, it’s the hamstrings as the flexors and the quadraceps as the extensors. what other muscles can you think of that make something bend and what others can you think of that make something extend?