Flat looking texture from Substance to Maya Arnold


Hello everyone. I finally got my Metalness workflow looking pretty good in Arnold but the shininess of my material seems to have faded. I am thinking maybe it is the sky dome light. Currently, I have plugged in Base, metallness, roughness and normal maps. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!




Hi there,

Check your metalness setting in Arnold. Your specular highlights are showing up white, but colored metals typically have colored specular highlights, like what you see in the substance image.

A metalness map in Arnold should be mostly white. For a straight up material you’d only set it to 1, and not use a map at all.


The metalness is set to the metalness map which is basically white like you are referring to. One thing I notice is the Spec color and spec weight slightly affect the render, but not by much. Am I supposed to edit the spec settings other than roughness? Here’s my current settings:


I ended up adding an environment map to my scene and the material seems to be correct now, or at least much closer than before. This is a great guide here for settings if anyone else needs it in the future -


I’ll try to read up more on better lighting for Arnold. Here’s my latest: