FlashPaint beta, try it !


Hi people, hi 2D artists too !
just to show you my new flash demo :
an online painting tool, with saving capabilities,
submit best artworks to the online gallery
Here it is : FlashPaint
the guestbook is also a sketchbook, leave me some msg. thanks.
Have Fun.


I am the first one to reply? Cool :slight_smile:

This is an awesome application! The animation is fluid ! The code is smart coded and the overall interface is smooth!
I even caught myself drawing for over 10 minutes, unfortunately the eraser function is not yet implemented as i can see, but i am sure you will have it done soon!

KUDOS for your professialism!



hehe, cool thingy :slight_smile:


Nice Proggie thanks!!!


Nice :thumbsup:, you must be really good with ActionScript. By the way is it me or is the pixel fonts blurred :shrug:


Wow, nice work. Everything is very smooth. Nice overall tool design too.



Few ideas:

  • levels/layers
  • Snap to grid or something like that :stuck_out_tongue:

Sometimes my cursor wont come out off the painting area easily.


Very cool, but I agree layers, and levels would be nice. Perhaps even symbols and stuff. haha why not even create a new flash program using flash :slight_smile:


Really good work - but I have to agree with maxFX, I wanted to erase! Overall, this is a solid painter for being made by an individual-. I was impressed with the spline tool, it was so easy to manipulate the vertexes and make some cool looking shapes.


WOW… VEry cool, cant wait for more updates!



Hi all,
thanks a lot, next week, i will update the FlashPaint tools
thanks for ideas too, the layer option is a good one as well (photoshop’s layer manager)
but at first i’m working on an eraser tool, an history panel, skins
options as “send to a friend” / img ranking ? / at the moment you can make a direct link to a sketch like this : http://www.flashpaint.com/?goto=gallery&display=25 ( drawing id 25 shown on tips over gallery before the date )

 i want to make this tool better than existing ones in java ... hard work in fact :D

 i plan to make other tools based on FlashPaint too, i have some cool projects.
 shame on me for the blurred fonts ! i have to switch from 1600 screen width !

 thanks / bye / Fred3D / [FlashPaint  :thumbsup:](http://www.flashpaint.com)


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