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hello, this is my first post to this website. I would like to start off by saying that I am always impressed by the amount of talent that comes throught this website. nice to have a place us artists can come together and share our work with others.

I built this site a few years ago and wanted to get some feedback on it. I am planning to build a new site but would like some feedback on my current site so I could improve the next one.

ps. there is no preloader and I lost the original files so I have not been able to add one. :frowning:


thank you all in advance.



I’ll try my best to categorize this in order for you:

Always have a neutral page in which surfer can choose between viewing your Intro or going immediatly to your hompage (whether this neutral page is Flash or HTML). On your homepage index, you can add the Intro as a link for the person to view, just as you did with each portfolio category.

Make sure everything is functional! Here are two examples of what I have found:
[li]3D–Picture pages listed as 8 pages, but stops at 6.[/li][li]2D–Also lists 8 pages, but after page 2, your “viewer window” empties, nothing is shown, nor list any more pages.[/li][/ol]Nothing’s more annoying to a prospective employer if you say you are experienced but have flaws in your site.
[li]Demo–This can be handled in different ways. Either have it open in new html window or in persons media player, or if you wish to have a frame-by-frame Flash animation, you need to have it loaded fully (with preloader showing progress). Reason: it may be just me, but even with me having broadband, the movie will stop then go, and it’ll repeat that process throughout. Don’t allow any interruptions in the playing of your demo. The only thing that should slow down your viddy is the other persons slow computer.[/li][li]Resume–Flare it! I know you didn’t ask for critique on your resume, but I’m just wanting to help you on a personal level, from my own experience. Brag if you must, but have LIFE in your resume. If you love what you do, show the enthusiasm here. Read up on some Resume Help pages for examples. Ok, with that off to the side… I think you need to have a link for your email. Why? Immediate contact! Don’t expect your prospective employer to TYPE your addy. Take it as YOU offering the handshake first. And perhaps (but not needed), link your contact info (street address, phone, etc) as a Favorites link. When they click on your physical contact info, script it to where it will ask the person to save the hidden linked page in their favorites. When they do, they click on your Icon in their Favorites folder and Voila!.. in will link them to a html page with your information, or perhaps a html version of your resume.[/li][/ul]I like how you have things layed out, but, of course, different versions of your website should also progress. Like, your Intro. Make this fast paced. When I was watching it, I was thinking, “ok…”. Put a smile on people’s faces. They like adventure. The way you designed your Intro would have been perfect for it because of the atmosphere you placed in it. Choreograph it to the music. With the beats that you had in it, these images should have been pulsing at the people watching it.
I know you’ll do great with your upcoming portfolio. And the main thing you need to focus on with it is… SHOW you’re a pro! And to show your progress since then, link this “old” site in an archive page for everyone to see.

Good Luck!


thanks funeral laugh for the very detailed constructive criticism. I will make sure to post a link to my new site when I get it up so that everyone can see my progress. Im not sure what type of style I want to go for on the next site, but no more popups. thanks again for your comments.


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