Flash/Shockwave 3D On-line Card Game Team Sought


I’ve designed two different card games (one sci fi, the other superheroes). I am putting a team together to implement one of them as a Flash game that will be playable for free on my web site.

If you’re interested in participating on this side project, let me know. I need help from Flash programmers and artists for the server-client programming, as well as from 3D artists who can model futuristic human characters and gear or superheroes.

The playing cards will serve as gamepiece showcases for 3D artists from around the world who want to show off their images as card art. I will have any contributors linked from my site to theirs, with acknowledgment of which cards are theirs.

This is similar to the collectable trading card game genre, except done for the Web.

I’ve already posted this in the Flash art forum. Any takers here?


Here is a miniscule image of one type of card in the game…


and another card type…


and another…


and yet another.


NOTE: all of the art in these samples are placeholders and are the copyright of their respecitive artists.

Now, what do you guys think?


It looks cool.
I’d really like to hear more about the gameplay concept.

Also, if you have different artists do the cards, won’t the game look a little uncoherent ?
The idea’s good though, just wondering…


CyberPsi: A Futuristic On-line Card Game

© 1995 Roger Alan Cotton


2064 AD - TODAY
Advances in biotechnology, neural computer chip networking, miniaturization, and superconductivity have ushered in the Nanotech Era. Hyper-scientific technology has proliferated beyond society’s ability to control it. Biologic computer interfaces, cloning, and cybernetic implantation are everyday applications of this runaway technology; technology that is covered by HMOs. Even psychic-enhancement drugs are available over the counter.

Bio-synthetic organs and prosthetics promise longer and younger-looking lives. Nu Derm, a remarkable brand of artificial skin, makes it possible for burn victims to be cosmetically restored. For some, usually the rich and famous, Nu Derm also affords the ultimate in self-expression. Grown-to-order Nu Derm is combined with the genetic code of animals to create outrageous fashion statements. Citizens have taken to wearing sheer, gauzy clothing, or nothing at all, in order to show off their unique skeins. Some are covered with such decorative touches as leopard spots, zebra stripes, mink tufts, and even gila scales.

As a result, Puritanical laws and mores regarding sexual behavior and the public exposure of nudity have given sway to this 21st century culture of unabashed narcissism.

Genetically-engineered aquanauts colonize the underseas, while penal colony astronauts mine the moon. Intrepid cybernauts explore the electronic frontiers of the “Infi-Net;” living more in the electronic manifestations of their minds than in reality.

Psychically-gifted Espers lurk on the fringes of society. They are the progeny of test subjects who unknowingly took brain-evolvement drugs. Developed by overzealous pharmaceutical firms, these drugs spawned a host of mind-altering medicines and compounds.

Espers are reviled and hunted by normal humans, whom they refer to as “Zombies.” The Espers give birth at a prodigious rate, and usually to twins or triplets. As their numbers grow, so too, does their demand for acceptance.

Capitalism has spread like a wildfire across the economic landscape of the world. As a result, mega-corporations reign supreme. The few who control these conglomerates have attained power beyond comprehension. Their machinations dictate how everyone else on the planet is to live or die. These mysterious powermongers have ensconced themselves in high-tech citadels and they exist in a class that is not only above the law, but which is the law. They view every resource as theirs to exploit and every person as their powerless consumer.

It is within this neon futurescape that your group secretly operates. It works behind the scenes, keeping a low profile as it struggles to further its mysterious agenda. Do you work toward the salvation of Man or toward his enslavement? Do you seek to aid the megacorps or to destroy them? Or, do you inhabit the fringes of society, working toward your own ends? The future is now… and the choice is yours.
Product Overview

CyberPsi is a mission-oriented adventure that combines the multimedia aspects of computer games with the strategy and interactivity of card games. Easy to play, CyberPsi enables you to employ complex strategies against your opponents. It is as much a stimulating mental challenge as it is an exciting game.

Intended for the multiplayer on-line game market, this product is expected to appeal to science fiction and fantasy hobbyists who spend considerable amounts of money on paper- and computer-based entertainment. Comic book art aficionados should be drawn to CyberPsi, for the top quality illustrations and animations that will be displayed on its game cards and in the game’s interfaces.

Game Objective

In CyberPsi, you are the leader of one of five different types of groups: Lawful, Criminal, Corporate, Clan, or Bent. Each group has a series of agenda that must be realized through the completion of missions and organizational activities. Agenda are represented by a wide range of cards geared to a particular type of group.

Once you decide on an agenda, you need to recruit members, train them, equip them, and assign them to missions that are necessary for your agenda’s success. While you are attempting to meet the completion requirements for your agenda, you can attempt to expose and then thwart your opponents’ agenda. This feature of game play results in a high level of interaction among players. This in turn creates suspense and excitement.


Kid Padawan, there are over three hundred cards in the initial version of the game. Therefore, it isn’t possible for me to find one or two artists who are willing to create cohesive images for the necessary amount of art for the cards; especially if they are to be doing it for free.

By having different art styles, we can display the work of a variety of artists from around the world who may happen to have one or two pieces of CG art that are just lying around and which can be contributed to the cause. In the collectable trading card game market, it’s actually a tradition to have disparate art styles. That way, players can collect their favorite artists’ cards.

Of course, each artist who contributes art to this game project will retain copyright over their piece(s). We would just be using it free of charge as a one time license for use in the free version of the game. In exchange, the artists would be featured in the Artists Section of the site, with links to their sites.

If the game was ever to become popular, and we were to make a commerical version, then I would discuss a use fee for each piece artists submitted that was acceptable and usable.


Looking for a kickass Flash interface designer/animator who can create the art elements (and maybe even actionscript) for the game interface based on the functionality I describe in supplied diagrams.

Also looking for assistance in developing the game database as an integrated server-side app.


Need someone to create clean vector icons for the game. Icons will represent group types, card types, and skill types.


i could do some icons if you like:p


rikrog, that would be great. I will e-mail to you a description of the types of icons. I will also invite you to become a member of our development egroup. I just opened one up on Yahoo.


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