Flash Portfolio- Ideas and Thoughts


I am working on making a new flash site, because I got tired of making my current one, and because I was tired I never posted any of my artwork.

I am not sure how much time I will have to work on it, so this thread might be kind of slow. But who knows, maybe I’ll be working on the site like mad- kinda depends on how important i feel it is compared to my other work, but I’ll definately be working on it every day.

Here is my start: Intro button, kind of like a power button to start up my whole site. I think I will also make it a power down button as well. Let me know what you think, and if you have any good ideas for design I’m all ears.

Power Button


Nice power button. Looks a little dull at first but lights up well. May needs some shinyness or something a little extra that makes it look more 3D, especially at the start.


Button sitll a little dull, but I added some and I changed how the button enters, as well as after clicked. What do you think of the extra stuff: Button


Thats more like it. Good job!


update: some text and preloader. can’t wait to start the menu, but I think I’ll leave it simple.
link down


hah! i could click on that for days and not get bored!


Update again. I am having so much fun making my site I can’t stop, I’m like a machine.
button below


I can still only see the power button, with no noticeable changes… is that right?


No, here try this link:


New update, let me know if you see the date and time on the upper right of the bars, I might have to choose a different font.
button down


Looking nice! keep up the good work. Definitely need to change that time font. It’s barely legible. Also, the milliseconds is kind of a jittery irritation in the corner… maybe reconsider that.

One other thing, why don’t you center the site on the screen?


arg… just noticed some other things.

You made a spelling mistake with ‘Forums’.

It would be nice to justify the date & time text to the right to keep it neat and consistent with the other side of the menu.


boah this really looks cool !!


Yeah, I seem to always spell forums like that. Just sort of habbit, thanks for the keen eye. I had it on the right, but I just forgot to embed the font. It should be fixed now: Update


Thats better.


I can’t get my site to work, it freezes during preload. I checked all the action script, and it works fine on my computer. How does it work for you, and do you have any ideas?


I won’t say i’m right, but i’ll take a hint:

I think its probably this in your html coding? "<EMBED src=“Newsite.swf” play=false… "?


you’re abosolutely right. Thanks.


Hey Spin3,


Your menu and button looks great, however seeing that when I click the “about” link, your layout is different and only the off button is there; at your menu paper, it just lies the menu, I don’t think you need the “home” link in the menu page.

Also, not sure if the page that your showings us to critique is just for viewing or its the actual page, but i’ll just mention it anyways; wouldn’t you rather align your flash in the center of the page?

Correct me if I’m wrong.

cheers, keep the good work up!


yes you are correct. I will do that at the end because when ever I publish my new flash doc, it always goes into the corner and I have to edit the html coding by hand. If you have any tips that would fix it I would be much obliged.
As for the home button on the menu, I think I will have some buttons that activate with the menu still in the backround, but not sure yet, if not I will definitely take it out, thanks.