Flash Designers.......Please read.


I have been wondering and wondering. For all you good flash designers out there, how much would it run me if I were to get you to do a very good flash website for me? It would be detailed, and have alot of things in it. It would be similar to http://www.us.playstation.com/games/SCUS-97134/ but not that same website (it is a Clan site for Multiplayer war games). It would have games also (small games) for like training things just for fun, and have a members restricted area, along with the main things for a clan site, such as news, roster, enlistment, links, so forth.

I am just wondering how much it would run me if I were to look into paying for one.

Please do not move this, seeing that I posted a thread similar to this a WHILE back in the hire forum and got no response. I am not looking to hire anyone, just looking to see how much it would run me.

Thank you for your time.


just to give a ballpark, not cheap. each of those little mini-games would be a few days apiece to do all the concept, art, and animation/coding, plus the main site, plus tying everything together, etc. i’ve heard various things on the legality of pricing projects in a public form so i won’t give a definite answer, but it certainly wouldn’t be cheap…



well I didnt mean all games lol. The site mainly, but maybe 1 game…But you get the idea, about how much so that I know if I would want to do something like this. Give me an ESTIMATE such as in the 100’s 500’s 1000’s such as that.


id say 1000 +


lol time for me to learn myself.


Yeah I would say +1000 aswell, or even +5000.

Since you mentioned games it would cost quite a bit.

It would cost more if it was multiplayer games, since it would require the Flash developer to have some knowledge of XML or php or coldfusion. (note these are just my opinions)

Hope that helped :slight_smile:


well I didnt mean games period. I ment a flash website. I included games because thats what the SOCOM site has, I was trying to put things into perspective.

Without games how much.


Ok no flash games. Then I would say about +1000 still :smiley:


ill do it for free :beer:


You will eh?

mail me vVolf@attbi.com

anyway…didnt know you did flash ghost…plus arent you still working on your site?


perhaps its sarcasm’s voice


no really… me and wolf go way back… but yeah… I would do it if I could but im just learning flash… sorry wolf… maybe in a few months… I can make a basic flash site with minimal effects etc… thats about it :smiley:


Oh Gh0st that reminds me! You see our new site for Enemy at the Gates? heh…

Well hey look me up on msn or ICQ I’d like to talk to ya some more. If you have not heard, I started modeling 4 months ago, now I model real good lol well not skinning but ya know.

Anyway, do you think you could help me design a sweet layout for my clan?

Well Since I cannot find any info on your site or here on how to get ya on MSN or ICQ (I think I kinda forgot your login lol) just like mail me or message me msn rikimaru51@hotmail.com icq 147482281 I will leave ICQ while I am online today.

Man, I lost almost all my designing skillz. I got so into modeling, my brain shifted to modeling lol.


i dont use icq anymore :smiley: i use msn and this is me contact: gh0st@planetmedalofhonor.com

Talk to ya soon. I could probably help you design a site just not build it.


I will do, one thing tho, You should really do something about Fram. He thinks he owns everything.

I was reading some stuff on the forums for your Unreal mod. Well last month I posted a topic to update you on Enemy at Gates site, well he moves it to Off-Topic and says it should have been posted there, yet when I posted it there was no such board as Off-Topic. Then he does some smart ass rude remarks to me saying we wont tollerate pimpage of other mods and shit? Then Last night I saw a topic in modeling bout the guy doing the MG34, and I asked him what poly count was, and Fram said dont tell me its for the mod only, then I told Fram that its only a rough draft I am a modeler poly count in WIP mean squat, and I was just trying to help him, because I myself am a modeler, and the way the guy was modeling the MG34 was a bit tacky. So I give 3 long paragraphs in detail what I would do to make it better looking but low poly count. I made a model to the same extent that he shown, and mine was only 500 poly’s. I go to read what he might have said back just like 3 minutes ago, and its gone. Fram has some serious problems. Please do something about it, remove him of his admin functions he doesnt deserv them.


heh dont worry bout it…


I take it you will be taking care ofthe problem?

Well anyway I been on MSN where are ya? I used gh0st@planetmedalofhonor.com
like ya said lol.


you want this site: http://www.clan-usrangers.com/ but all in flash?

The only think i found hard to do it is the restricted area for members


if I am not misstaken, you can add passworded areas in Flash. Dont know the action or what ever but Ive seen it.


with flash all it requires is being able to have server verification of the password using something like a PHP script, which would check the password and usename against what’s in teh database, then simply let flash know if that’s accepteable or not, and would also set another couple of variables pertaining to things like a session id etc. you can then choose two routes. either you can load anotehr page which contains a flash movie, and javascript to read the cookie that’s been set (using some encryption) and tell teh flash movie what to load up from teh server, or you can jump to another part of teh timeline oin teh flash movie, or another scene in the flash movie, that shows whatevver details you want to show for that user.

the main problem here is security, some of that’s goign to be server side, and some on the users side. it’s pretty similar to submitting a form normally using html, so just put in similar protection and you should be ok.