Flash 3d Viewer (using maxscript rendering)


Is this just with 100+ frames of animation? Or 100+ frames in total? (including rotations)

See if the crash dialog has something like “show details”, that might reveal something useful about what’s going wrong.


It is minimum 100 frames and it up to the infinite.

Me I try 301 frames of animation and it crash with rotation including.

There is not relationship of error, only the message as what he must stop…

If they use the compiler manually, they can note that he cannot exceed 100 frames in animation.

Is it already normal?

Thank you

Edit :

I have other one, but baby worries!

I would have liked to know if it had there no possibility of having the animation which takes all zone without having the menu?

You can realize it by you even:


It makes not very aesthetic ^^


I’m afraid I can’t give any proper support to solve this problem at the moment, since I’m very busy with other things. I’ve had a quick look at the compiler source, but didn’t really spot any problem.
If you know C#, I’d suggest you download the source code and dig around in it.

As for the question about esthetics: the provided viewers were meant more as an example than something you’d actually use. Especially the one for animation isn’t very pretty indeed, and is more to show the capabilities. The viewer is written to make it very easy to change the appearance and behavior of the viewer and it’s components.


Thanks, i can wait for the moment, is not a problem.
I know vb6 ,if I knew C# I would have try to resolve problem by me even…



Thanks! excellent tool. that’s exactly what I was looking for :slight_smile:

I’ve trying it on 3DS Max 2008 x64 / vista ultimate x64 and vray 1.5.17 x64 with no problems at all, except that final * f3dv file keeps “spinning”. Why?

I’ve disabled auto-rotate option but nothing happen. How can it be fixed?

or there is another software to assembly images? I was looking for someting to produce a QTVR objet in Quicktime format.




After looking around for a way of rotating round a diamond image this sounds perfect!

I say 'sounds because currently I can’t get it to work… I’ve put a test object in (cube) and one camera… ran the script and I get:

[B]Image I/O Error (window header)


This has ‘retry’ and ‘cancel’ buttons with it… retry doesn’t do anything but bring up the same error message, and cancel moves onto the nest frame with the same error (with the camera/frame numbers obviously chnaging).

Shame cos this sounds great and it seems people have had it working for them on here.

I’m running 3D Max 2009 on XP x64 (I’ve also tried it on XP x84… same error)

I’m probably doing something very stupid… any pointers??

Thanks again for the script… should make alot of people lives that little bit easier : )


It looks like you forgot to change the temporary frames directory.
It is set to D:\Documenten\something by default. I must admit that this has been a bit of a bad design decision when I made the script. It should ideally point to an existing location by querying max for a temp directory.

I hope that helps.


Cheers for that… bit of a thick move on my part.

Though I was also wondering if there was a way to take the .swf file and the .F3DV file and combined them into 1 .swf file… just that I’m having problems if I move the .swf somewhere… is there an adress built into the script, where it loads the frames??

Can I change this address so it doesn’t try to find "c:/My Documnets… "etc??

Thanks again,

Nicky :thumbsup:


Merging the swf and f3dv (which is actually still a swf) will be a tricky thing to do without the flash dev environment. You should be able to use the f3dv and swf in any location though, as long as you keep them together. The link to the f3dv should be a relative path.

If you want, you can manually include the f3dv in your player swf by using flash. Just importing the f3dv into your own project and go from there. You can use the provided fla files and actionscript ‘framework’ as a base to start from.


Hi everybody.
Im trying to add a viewer to my blog. But the .swf cant ‘call’ the .f3dv file. It seems it cant load it or something.
I tried to show just the .f3dv file ‘alone’, using the extension .swf and it works, all frames are showed looped.
Well, im not a web developer, im just trying to add some cool stuff to my site, hehe.

This is my code:

<embed width="200" src="http://sites.google.com/site/dmgd3d/home/files/8.swf?file=http://sites.google.com/site/dmgd3d/home/files/8.f3dv" height="200">

Source files:
swf viewer
f3dv frames

Thank you for this amazing tool.


This is a known issue with the current version. Some people seem to have found some kind of workaround, but it hasn’t been properly fixed.
One thing you can do is compile a proper viewer yourself from the supplied viewer source files.
I don’t think I’ll have the time to fix this issue any time soon (actually the whole thing could use a rewrite…).


Can you please release the actionscript code of the viewer? I tried to open the .fla you released, but it crashes. You included lots of code files, i dont know what are they for.


First of all : many thanks for this great plugin !

I’d like to share my experience regarding the problem of using the flash viewer on a web page.
I’ve spent a couple of hours trying to figure out what was wrong since it perfectly worked locally but couldn’t load the data file when installed on a web page.

I don’t know if I should agree with the recent opinion expressed by Steve Jobs on Adobe but…

The solution was… to change the file extension !!
Hence, my data file named test.f3dv could be loaded if renamed as test.swf

I don’t know if this is a flash “feature” or more probably a bug but it took me some time to solve.

And sorry for my english


Hi! I recently discovered your project, and I must say that according what you show on your portfolio, it seems pretty amazing. The links you provide in the first post are broken =(, is there any chance you could reupload them? Or send me an email, pm, or whatever?

Thank you very much!


anywhere that we can still get this script? - I liked it


I’ve uploaded the latest version of the viewer and exporter again:

Flash 3D Viewer 1.2
Installer, .exe, 375KB
Source, .rar, 6,58MB


thank you, Pjanssen, for updating links to your tool
i find it quite useful, but the bug that makes it usable only in the folder it was originally created still exists. You mentioned workaround using flash to recompile viewer. Aren’t there any other ways yet?


Hi there,

maybe it´s just me but I can´t load the f3dv-File through the swf-viewer, no matter what I try. It seems that the original file-path is somehow encoded to the swf-Viewer, because if I open the file from the path where Flash3dViewer saved the swf- and f3dv-Files to, there is no problem at all.
But as soon as I move the files to another folder and start the swf-viewer from there, the screen in Firefox just stays blank. Even calling the f3dv-file like Pjanssen suggested, makes no difference (src=“f3dv.swf?file=thef3dvfile.f3dv”).

Any help would be great! Thanks in advance!

P.S.: Please excuse my poor english :wink:


i took a look at the Minas Tirith project and i remember the geometry shown in the first post here from some movie… dont recall the name but had John Noble in the role of the king…
well my point being: do you have a version of the website in english if there is still one up?


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