Flange, Hawkprey (2D)


Hey guys. I have been slammed lately so I have been neglecting my favorite forum. I apologize…

so I decided to toss up a couple things I have been hammering on lately.

Marine dude.

This chic has been sitting on my harddrive for over a month. I couldnt ever get her to look the way I wanted. I opened her up yesteday and tweaked her some. Now I feel comfortable posting her.

This is actually a 11x14 drawing I did for a coworker. He wanted his girlfriend as a manga chic. I am not really into manga, so I did her in my style. He likes it anyway. I did get the pose from a manga pic that he gave me.


All hail the new jesus … Hawkpray !!! :eek:


simply beautiful. this stuff rocks. i really dig the style of the armored characters.


Damn, I wish I could draw like that.
The second and third pics are most impressive.

Could you please give some info on how you made them, (scanned?, tablet?) and how you painted the colors?

Great job. :thumbsup:



these were done by scanning in a pencil/marker sketch. Then I just smudged them around and added adjustment layers in photoshop. I would say these are 80% digital.


The texturing for the manga girl is most impressive!


Right done… I like the alst with wonderful watercolor coloration.



OMG… I’m speechless!! True Skill dude! :smiley:




I like her ass


a w e s o m e !
a w e s o m e !
a w e s o m e !


Nice tat too.


Marvelous, i get the feeling you are not so much done with the first 2 pics.

The Manga/Not so much manga girl is really impressive :thumbsup:


They’re all really awsome, but how come the middle girl has all that armor, but leaves open so much skin? I never liked that type of design, although it does look really cool :slight_smile: :thumbsup:



Beautiful…simply beautiful.

now lets see more!!! :slight_smile:



Impressive artwork, congrats :beer:
maybe you can make a drawing in your stile of my girlfriend if I ever get one :smiley:


i want to model that marine you drew, great concept


:bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown:


Meesa liksa thatsa buttsa toosa Hawkpreysa! Good job dawg! Marker God!


Great work!:thumbsup: