flamenco, Francisco Jose Albert Albusac (2D)


Title: flamenco
Name: Francisco Jose Albert Albusac
Country: España
Software: Photoshop

Software: photoshop CS5
duration: 1 week

I wanted to paint a different concept about “flamenco”. I’m from Spain and here all people paint the same idea, always.


Oh, this is absolutely lovely! I adore the bold use of red contrasted with the cooler background, it creates such a wonderful, striking effect. The composition is really pleasing and the sense of movement is really great. Front page!


Wow, beautiful image!! Color is superb. Congrats!!


Awesome movement!! love the color of the picture very much! Congrats for the font page!


Beautiful Composition! Love seeing this type of work on the front page. Great work!


lovely image!
especially the composition and light.
You really nailed the thing.


Great use of color and composition, also love the texture of
The background and overall lighting! Congrats


Simply outstanding! very dynamic. i specially like the blueish bleed on shadow edges, its pretty interesting.


great textures and overall colours. This one is just yummy


Wonderful colors ! The reds are intense, and there is so much dynamism !


Well executed.


very nicely done …
congratulation on a well deserved front page


Great colours and beautiful dress and fan :slight_smile:


really nice work


I love it, the color is brilliant

Muy bueno compañero, nos vemos por CG Node :wink:


I love it. Very dynamic…Great pose and composition. :thumbsup:




highly inspiring… I love how the cloth makes the waves, and especially how the bg is not the standard blue that we see. but rather a brighter, more natural, painterly like blue…
awesome… Worth putting on a wall.


Well deserved front page! The sense of movement is captured very well. The strong colours are balanced very well which on its own is not a small achievement :slight_smile:

Cobra 6


Thanks guys!, I’m very happy you like it, I’ll follow working hard. Thanks