flame flying


I can’t remember if I have ever posted it on this forum, so…


I like the wings and the sky a lot. Where I feel the painting falls a little short is in the expression of the angels face, or the lack there of.

You have the begining of a very dynamic painting here, but seeing the angel and the girl at a diagonal is not enough to portray them in flight. The straight-on angle tends to flatten out the whole picture, which is a shame because those wings are very dynamic. I think I would enjoy this much more if you added a bit of an angle to the angel and took it out of the “portrait” perspective.

Also his left hand is doing nothing for me. Is it alien, is it robotic, why is it diferent? I think that is distracting from the picture, What I am seeing when I look at this picture is the beginning to a very graceful beautiful painting, but it looks like you are trying to force it into a Sci-fi catagory.


normally (sorry for my bad english i’m french), it’s an illus for a character to the rpg (aeg edition) Legends of 5 rings. it’s an asian med’fan role playing game.
this character is like an asian sorcerer (shugenja in the game) which can create wings flame to flying.

his hand is a mineral hand, normally with great magic power.

thaks for coment but i haven’t really understand what you say about angle / inclinaison for dynamism.


The thing is, it looks like they’re standing instead of flying. A flying person should not be so rigid and should be drawn in a more effective angle. For example, you could draw the upper bodies closer to the observer and the lower bodies further, do you understand what I mean?


ok, I will try a little deformation and i ll reposted the image here after. thanks.:bounce:


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