Project Flake -
Syd Mead has always created objects thats new and different. So here is my take on the next generation of a super car.
Everything about the car is based on “movement”. When driving around obstacles, the car “explodes” open and leans into the corners, the flakes transforms a very sleek and sculptural design to something very different, very wild.

The whole car is about movement, so I dont think any image will do it justice, so please view the video:


More Pics - please click to enlarge



Really cool! The Video really showed how this idea can be usefull.


MEGA-SUPERRRRR!))) excellent video!


Man, this thing is badass.


Wow, this is really cool! Great job, and best of luck!


the car looks like its in the prepping stages of morphing into a transformer.


Agreed on the TF comment. The geometric “snake scale” pattern does a good job of removing it a little from the TF “nanotech” version though, and I noticed in the animation when it banks the scales I was focussing on really do overlap when you’d expect they would, not just intersect with the geometry. Well done on that!

This would scare the cr#p out of me if I was riding a bike next to it. :slight_smile:


Thanks all for the positive comments!

All the flakes on the car are rigged to a under shell so when i moved the main body of the car… all the flakes will follow. that was actually the easy part, the hard part was animating the wheels, which were a pain in the as due to the large amount of components and keys.
In the original design i wanted the wheels to bank as well, but curve editor keeps crashing so i just gave up on it in the end.


Whoa…! That was awesome… serious stuff on the video… I was breath taken when I saw the"Cells" moving out and the door getting opened… totally awesome… Keep it up…


really nice design and concept



Sure it has some intresting concept at first Sight and Thought

But really.

Come on.

“Do you know how much DRAG this vehicle would have when the car morphs like that… essentially you would have a parachute effect, and really this vehicle would fall apart at high speeeds.”

I for one think this concept was not thought up well.

Although the detail pertaining to this painting is Of great Value. Props to the painting style and techniques used.

Please do not take harshly to my words. It is my personal Critique of its overal Design.

Side note if you really wanted vehicle to turn as you say you want it to. Flaps could give you the same result in movement.


The video is excellent! The image is also very impressive. You clearly show you’re not afraid to think outside the box. Great idea!


cool car, but the tires look weird, too flat when it in the ground at first i thought there’s no tire, coz its almost touching the ground. anyway, nice design :wink: good luck


really cool concept


I think i’ve seen tat tyre concepts somewhere… but i like the over all design. But still a bit doubtful about its aerodynamics.

Anyway its a nice concept.


Great concept! I really like the design and the flakiness just makes it pop out of the scene. Well done!


Aesthetically, I think this is a wonderful concept that is executed beautifully, the realisation of the different moving parts in the animation was fantastic.
But really, come on, I also think it is a tad harsh to criticise the vehicle over it’s real world application/physics considering the science fiction nature of this contest.

Anyways, all the best in the comp daadaa, it looks like you’ve put a lot of effort in and it shows!


you are the winer men :applause:


I love it AND the animation of it working is great for a film car where things dont have to be engineered perfectly, long as they look cool.
But it does kind of remind me of the Bmw Lovos concept.



Thats because you have; the panel/scaled-esque design that we see here was first seen in the BMW Lovos concept in 2009.

This has apparently used a very similar base in it’s foundation, and yet has managed to hold onto some originality, nice work.