Flag for Thrust Milestone, Carsten Stueben (3D)


Title: Flag for Thrust Milestone

Name: Carsten Stueben

Country: Germany

Software: ZBrush 3ds max Substance Painter

Submitted: 31st May 2016

Hi there! My name is Carsten Stueben and I´ll do my best to design a rocking fighter. Good luck for all of you. Cheers!


Thrust sketches

It´s not my way to do a lot of research and collect a bunch of references.
So here we go with some first sketches to figure out which basic shape could make me happy. :slight_smile:


A really hard decision to choose a basic shape…
This is the first sketch in zbrush.


Here wo go…
A few new details. I´m working on the weapon systems right now. Still in sculpting/sketching.


Some further details. :slight_smile: Thinking of landing gear, how to get in and nozzles for navigation.


The start of the hull. (I´ll document my progress here, because of the strange behavior of the challenge-forum.)


Hi everybody. Here are a few Zbrush screenshots of my process. The hull is almost finished. I´ll start to add details this week. Cheers!


Hi. :slight_smile: Here is a new update. I´m currently working on the weapons and the engine. Modeling is nearly finished. Cheers